What customers are saying

“We are highly selective about what ends up on our shelves. These are products we research, we use, we recommend–and we love. Whether you are looking hard-to-find ingredients, the latest natural supplements, expert advice, or smiling faces, you’ll find it all at Rebecca’s.”

Bill Calvani, Co-Manager, Grocery

“We go to great lengths to bring Charlottesville the best food, supplements, and advice. These are natural products and best practices we can live with–and almost all of us do.”

Brandon Davis, Co-Manager, Supplement & Body Care

“I think Rebecca’s is an absolute gem of a store. I am so grateful to have it in my town, stocked with products you cannot find elsewhere, small and easy to shop, a free cup of coffee with organic beans and cream (what could be better?) and employees who are knowledgeable. I send everyone I know to shop at Rebecca’s and bring all visitors there for shopping as a tourist destination. Keep up the excellent work!”

Alexa B.