We are Rebecca’s.

The storefront on the forefront.

Why Rebecca’s Matters

When Norman Dill first opened our doors in 1987, he made sure Rebecca’s was built on natural partnerships and a forward-thinking foundation. For over 32 years, we’ve been a strong supporter of our community, our vendors, our team, our customers, and our planet—all of which would seem daunting, except that we discovered very early what it takes to make a positive influence in the world is you have to love what you do and take great care in how you do it.

We’re happy to say we’re not alone in that philosophy. When we say “We are Rebecca’s,” we speak for every person who makes a healthy, sustainable, local, beautiful life possible. This includes every smiling face on our team, every brand that lines our shelves, every neighbor who waves hello, and it absolutely includes you. And we’re so glad you are here.

We are Rebecca’s.

Our Philosophy

Start from scratch. If a product is on our shelves, it is because is made with pure ingredients, is safe with minimal (if any) side effects, and contains minimal fillers.

Start from here. As a local small business in Charlottesville, Virginia, we know how hard—and, sometimes, how easy—it is to set ourselves apart from big name and online retailers. We believe in the power of small, which is why we have always had a role in helping other local startup businesses gain exposure on a larger scale. That’s why we call ourselves “the storefront on the forefront;” if a business meets our exceptional standards here, it has the chops to make it anywhere.

Be a reliable source—and force—for good. Our customers don’t shop online for their food, body care, and natural supplements because they want to know where their products come from. And always we do. Our customer service desk is bigger than our check-out counter for a reason. We would rather sell you the best product for your needs than anything at all.

Stay insatiably curious. We like to say that we’d rather process information than ingredients. We are constantly learning something new about human health, both in general and in the way products make our customers feel when they make them part of our daily routine. And we’re happy to share what we learn along the way.

Eat plenty of vegetables. And not just to make our mamas proud. We practice what we teach at Rebecca’s. There isn’t a single product on our shelves that hasn’t been tried, tested, and approved. And that goes for the broccoli, too. (It’s delicious.)

The Faces of Rebecca’s

Meet the team that pulls it all together.

Norman Dill

Norman Dill (Founder)
Phone: (434) 977-1965 Store Phone

Inspired by his mother’s penchant for eating well and healthy choices, Norman started his health food store journey in 1976 working in Charlottesville’s Blue Mountain Natural Foods. Prompted by this experience, he returned to his hometown in upstate New York to open his own store, Earthlight Foods, which is still in business today! More than a decade later, Norman felt Charlottesville calling once again and returned to open Rebecca’s Natural Food, which he named after his daughter.

Brandon Davis

Brandon Davis (Store Co-Manager, HBA & Supplement Buyer)
Email: brandonrebnatfood@gmail.com
Phone: (434) 977-1965 Store Phone

Bill Calvani

Bill Calvani (Store Co-Manager, Grocery Buyer)
Phone: (434) 977-1965 Store Phone

KeriAn Dodson

KeriAn Dodson (Store Operations Officer)
Phone: (434) 977-1965 Store Phone

KeriAn Dodson grew up on Long Island, NY, where she worked at her first health food store—Village Natural Food—throughout high school and during college breaks. After graduating with her B.S. in Environmental Science from Allegheny College, KeriAn moved to Charlottesville where she was Grocery Department Manager at Rebecca’s Natural Food for two years.

She took a year off from Rebecca’s when she started graduate school in the Department of Environmental Sciences at UVA. KeriAn then came back to Rebecca’s part-time while she continued graduate school work, eventually returning full-time to Rebecca’s as Store Manager. KeriAn has served in a number of roles at Rebecca’s, most recently overseeing Store Operations and IT Administration; she’s the staff’s go-to person for software, hardware, and other tech issues.

Outside of work, KeriAn enjoys cooking, and is cultivating a love of food in her energetic 8 year old daughter, who is eager to help out in the kitchen. In turn, her daughter keeps attempting to get KeriAn into the garden in hopes of discovering anything she can get to grow (success is still pending!). Community involvement and volunteering is important to KeriAn (when she can fit it in, between working full-time and being a mom). KeriAn has helped coordinate speaker presentations and cooking demos for the Charlottesville Vegetarian Festival several times. She has also volunteered with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Grasses for the Masses program, setting up an aquaculture system to sprout and grow underwater grasses, and then transport and plant the grasses to the coastal restoration sites to improve the health of the bay.

Suzette Thoms (Customer Service)
Email: rebnatfoodcs@gmail.com
Phone: (434) 977-1965 Store Phone

Suzette Thoms was born in Orange, VA and after graduating high school, joined her friend and boyfriend in Charlottesville. She has lived in the area for 5 years.

As a Jacquelin of all trades, Suzette connects phone calls to corresponding personnel as her main task and helping customers on the 2nd register as the line builds. You will often find her running around the store assisting customers or helping with whatever needs doing. She is high energy, super friendly with a dynamic smile and is a super multitasker.

When not at Rebecca’s, Suzette loves trying new Rebecca’s products at home, especially facemasks and teas. Suzette has tried almost all of it! Otherwise, you’ll find her playing with one of her two cats or occupying her favorite place: Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.

Sophia Cowan

Sophia Cowan (Full Time Supplement & Body Care Associate)
Phone: (434) 977-1965 Store Phone

Sophia was born in Louisville, KY, and moved with her parents to Charlottesville in 2001. Homeschooled through high school, Sophia started work at Rebecca’s when she was sixteen and has been here ever since (over a decade)!

Originally hired in the supplement department, Sophia moved to cashiering a year or so later, where she spent the longest stint of her employment at Rebecca’s as the Head Cashier, running the afternoon cashier shift and training new sales associates to use the registers. Sophia is now Full Time in Supplements & Body Care helping customers make informed decisions in regards to supplements and body care products for their health and well-being.

When not at Rebecca’s, Sophia spends her free time planning and running a local gaming and cosplay convention called OmegaCon where she is the Director of Vending, recruiting local and regional artists and retailers to sell their nerd and gaming-themed wares. When she’s not running events for other gamers, she enjoys playing games herself, both of the tabletop and board game variety as well as the video game variety. She is also a talented artist and enjoys designing intricate costumes for Cosplay Conventions.

Susan J. Dunlap (Nutrition Information Specialist)
Email: susan.rnf@gmail.com
Phone: (434) 977-1965 Store Phone

Susan grew up in the Baltimore, MD area and after graduating from the University of Maryland in 1976, worked as the head cook for a holistic health and retreat center. She moved to the Charlottesville area in 1979 and continued working in the organic food world including co-managing a natural foods catering service. She began her career with Rebecca’s Natural Food in 1989 and in 2007 became certified as a Holistic Health Counselor and coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She offers private consultations outside of Rebecca’s in addition to her patient and knowledgeable assistance in the store.

Susan is always keeping up with the ever expanding range of supplements and health research to provide the best service and support. For nearly 30 years as the Nutrition Information Specialist at Rebecca’s, she has helped countless people in the community find answers to their health questions. As a believer that food is our best medicine – Susan loves to try new foods, and as an accomplished cook she has plenty of experience working with recipes to fit specific diets and the challenges of modern life.

When she’s not cooking up her own creations, often using ingredients from her backyard garden, she can be found checking out the wonderful assortment of restaurants in and around Charlottesville. For her own health she teaches and practices T’ai Chi Chuan, meditates and does yoga. Whenever possible she loves to travel and check out the food scene in other communities. This year Susan is celebrating 20 years with her husband Lee, who is a both a talented T’ai Chi teacher and rock guitarist. They share their home with two gray tabby cats, Sensei and Tiger.

Morgan Franklin-Layne

Morgan Franklin-Layne (Grocery Assistant Manager)
Phone: (434) 977-1965 Store Phone

Morgan Franklin-Layne is the grocery assistant manager at Rebecca’s Natural Food. She has been here for over three years and her interest and experience with a natural lifestyle and products has grown exponentially. She is a certified Primal Blueprint Health Coach and has completed the Primal Blueprint Keto Mastery Course. She has read widely on subjects of special interest to the perspective of Rebecca’s Grocery department, that is Ancestral Foods. This includes both nutrition and diet theory and traditional Food Preparation. Morgan is originally from California, but has called Charlottesville her home for most of her life. She is an animal lover, an avid photographer and lover of the outdoors.

Lea Bennett

Lea Bennett (Assistant Manager)
Email: leab.rnf@gmail.com
Phone: (434) 977-1965 Store Phone

Lea was born on Cape Cod in Massachusetts and moved to Virginia in 1988 in a caravan of family station wagons. She lived in the Lynchburg area for 20 years, atttended CVCC in Lynchburg and ​graduated with​ an​
Associates degree in Art​, while working at the local Health food store and raising 3 kids. Lea moved to Charlottesville in 2008 to take a job at Rebecca’s four days after her youngest graduated from High School.

After​ ​​working​ 13 years at a previous Health Food Store in Lynchburg, she came to Rebecca’s for the Supplement and Health and Beauty Assistant Manager position. Lea enjoys the variety of tasks, the customer interactions and inquiries, the regular customers​’​ smiling faces and the need for order and organizing that the job entails. She is also the ​Herbalist on duty, having graduated from Sacred Plant Traditions​’​ 3-year Community Herbalist program​ here in Charlottesville​.

She has been active with the local Unity church in Charlottesville and in Lynchburg, teaching the kids and teens for over 20 years. So many of the local twenty somethings hold a very special place in her heart and can be caught getting hugs from her! Lea​’​s three adult children also live close by in Charlottesville.

Lea enjoys music, dancing, hiking, yoga and her endless list of home projects and Pinterest ideas. Right now Lea is building a greenhouse from old windows and looking forward to growing greens year round! Yearly vacations back to the Massachusetts beach are never far from her mind, visiting her family and friends are the focus and highlight of the trip.

Katelynn Rosson

Katelynn Rosson (Full Time Grocery Associate)
Phone: (434) 977-1965 Store Phone

Katelynn Rosson is a -born and raised- Charlottesville native, and graduated from Piedmont Community College. In 2015, she began working for Rebecca’s as a part-time cashier and quickly transitioned into the grocery department as a full-time associate.

At Rebecca’s, the grocery products are constantly evolving and the knowledge base is ever-expanding. Katelynn’s favorite time is spent researching new products and honing her understanding of the current offerings of the department. When she isn’t organizing the store, you can find her on one of the computers- placing orders and responding to emails from vendors and customers.

Previously the Vice President of the Horticulture and Environmental club at Piedmont Community College, she found a deep passion for growth in the outdoors. Currently she attends classes at the Nature Awareness School, searching for connection and wisdom beyond. On a typical day, if she’s not helping customers find a delicious gluten-free local cookie: you can find her at home, snuggling with her cat, Cedar, and her partner, Corey.

Rebecca’s (The Store)
Phone: (434) 977-1965 Direct Line

Every bit a part of the team since 1987, the store has been a strong and silent partner in our brand’s growth since it first welcomed Norman with open arms. Its shelves keep us on our toes, and its bright ideas are powered by wind and efficient T-5 light bulbs. If its walls could talk, they would speak volumes in low-VOC paint. Its sustainably-sourced floors have seen sweeping changes in the food, supplement and health industries, and they’ve given enduring support every step of the way. When it’s not giving everyone who enters a happy group hug, Rebecca’s enjoys sidewalk sales and photo-bombing staff pictures for the website.

“I have always left Rebecca’s feeling well taken care of and that what I have purchased is the best item for what I need. I feel so grateful have this in our community. Thank you for having wonderful staff who are so great to interact with and answer questions. It makes a huge difference. Especially in a time when people can order so much online it feels great to have somewhere to go in person and get items!”

Jessiah M.