Salt caves, mineral salt baths, salt lamps. The classic Morton Salt girl has been replaced with a new generation of salt, one that includes the minerals naturally occurring in salt.  Table salt has had the natural potassium stripped during the refining process and can cause sodium and potassium imbalances in the body. It also is bleached and often has aluminum added.  Yuck. You may be asking, “But I thought too much salt was bad, what gives?” Salt gets a bad reputation sometimes, and too much sodium is detrimental to those prone to high blood pressure. Most of the culprits for this come from the sodium content in highly processed foods, a different game from adding healthy pink Himalayan salt to freshly prepared meals. Sodium is a mineral the body requires to function, and those who sweat a lot need more of it. Think athletes who drink fluids infused with electrolytes, which are simply the key elements we need to retain fluids, aka magnesium, calcium, and plain old salt.  

In Ayurveda, winter is the season of water, connected to the kidneys. Consumption of salty foods (in moderation) is healthy this time of year as an antidote to dryness and coldness. Healthy sodium levels help us maintain healthy fluid levels, which is important for heart rhythm and hydrated skin.

When it comes to salt, we’re a bit salty about anything less than the best. Read on for several salt-based products we love at Rebecca’s

To Eat: Pink Himalayan Salt

Immediately recognizable for its pink, thick crystals (due to iron content), Himalayan salt differs from normal table salt in several key ways. Pink Himalayan Salt contains all six electrolytes we require for balanced health: sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium.   Himalayan salt also contains iodine, which helps synthesize thyroid hormones. Sodium and potassium balance is also essential to adrenal health and regulating our body’s response to stress.. Many prefer the taste of this salt from mines near the base of the Himalayas and we offer it in fine to coarse textures for personal taste or we have it in salt grinders.

Beyond consumption, salt can be therapeutic in many ways from respiratory to relaxation.. There are different ways to implement salt into your health routine to help with detoxification and calming your nervous system.  

Most of us are familiar with the therapeutic effects of time spent anywhere with saltwater, from smooth, softer skin to improving breathing and how salt air generally leaves you feeling calmer and more balanced. In the age of the bio-hack, salt therapy can easily happen in your home or even at work.

To Chill and Cleanse: Himalayan Salt Lamps (Evolution Salt Lamps)

In addition to giving your space a peaceful, calming glow, Himalayan salt lamps have many benefits. Firstly, said glow can actually improve your mood from the inside out. There are benefits to the salt, as well, and many people report that these lamps help purify the air in their spaces and improve clear breathing. We have pink, white and gray salt lamps in a variety of fun shapes to suit your personality and space.  These work in any room, even a child’s bedroom or your work office. We primarily carry Evolution Salt Lamps because of their mission to offer high quality, handmade, therapeutic, affordable salt lamps that are acquired through Fair Trade practices in an eco-friendly and socially responsible way. Evolution are one of the few UL/CSA Tested and Approved brand of lamps for customer safety.

For Sinus and Respiratory Health: Salt Air Inhalers

Salt air inhalers are an all-natural, healthy complement or alternative to pharmaceutical inhalers. These can help improve your breathing capacity, ease sinuses, and reduce mucus. We are big fans of these for chronic sinus or lung issues and easing the discomfort of the nasty bronchitis and pneumonia that’s been going around. Salt Inhalers are easy to use, just place the inhaler in your mouth, create a tight seal and BREATHE through your nose for several moments!  They last 1-2 years before needing a salt refill and as long as you don’t drop and break them, the inhaler itself lasts forever. The European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology reported a small study showing subjects with asthma reported breathing easier after several weeks of regular halotherapy (salt) treatments. Using a salt inhaler is a natural and safe way to support your respiratory and bronchial tract by reducing sensitivity to bacteria, fungus, viruses and molds as well as thinning and reducing the amount of mucus in your system.  As always, consult your physician before changing any medical routine, especially if you have a serious respiratory condition

Himalayan Bath Salts:

Infusing your bath with salts is a surefire way to relax your body. Magnesium eases tension in your muscles, and the salt will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Beyond muscle relaxation, healthy magnesium levels are linked to decreased stress and better sleep. A salt bath at the end of the day is a highly therapeutic, effective ritual! We carry a variety of brands, many of which come with all-natural scents for added aromatherapy benefits. The skin is our largest organ, absorbing 84 minerals through the Himalayan Salt bath while gently detoxing, balancing skin pH to balance skin moisture, stimulating circulation and reducing inflammation.  We also carry Dead Sea Bath Salts.

From salt lamps to high quality pink Himalayan salt, we have you covered! Come see us at Rebecca’s Natural Food if you have any questions about getting started with these products.