There are many aromas and spices we associate with the holidays. As scent is one of the senses most closely linked to memory, it follows that we like to celebrate this season of cheer with aromatic, typically hot beverages. Many of the classics like mulled wine, spiked ciders, eggnog, and hot buttered wine may taste delicious but aren’t the best for your health. Not all holiday beverages have to be indulgent, alcoholic sort, or some synthetic derivative of “pumpkin spice.” The holidays are a great time to explore delicious seasonal foods and beverages, and believe it or not, healthy holiday beverages do exist!

Whether you’re looking to avoid alcohol and sugar or simply want to indulge in something seasonal that’s also healthy there are options aplenty. At Rebecca’s, we love that there are now holiday themed kombuchas, healthy eggnogs, and other options for those looking for holiday cheer that won’t destroy your healthy routine.

Many healthy holiday beverages are as functional as they are delicious. Winter holidays have included lighting candles and making merriment since before Christmas existed. The season is linked to dropping temperatures and marking the winter equinox. People bring the cheer indoors with lights and warm drinks as the outside world turns to its season of rest. As the weather turns colder, our bodies need different things. It makes sense that drinks with warming spices, such as cinnamon, are favored this time of year.

While some of these healthy holiday beverages are deliberately festive, others simply highlight what’s in season and what your body needs this time of the year. From seasonal teas to healthy eggnog, we’ve got you covered! These drinks will get you in a celebratory holiday mood without ruining your routine, plus we’ve shared a recipe to DIY below!

A few of our favorite options that we carry at Rebecca’s Natural Food:

If you’re looking to make something festive at home, try this healthy, easy to follow Apple Cider Recipe for an immune-boosting, comforting DIY!

As always, come see us at Rebecca’s Natural Food for your holiday needs! Many of these beverages also make great gifts! If you’re stumped on what to take to a holiday party or simply don’t want to bring another bottle of wine, we have plenty of recommendations. 

Photo by Morgan Sessions on Unsplash