How to Easily and Sustainably Prep Healthy, On-The-Go Lunches

Summer vacations have come to their natural end and it’s the season for finding and refining our fall routines. Kids are going back to school, and if you work outside the home and are reliant on restaurants and to-go options, your diet (and wallet) will take a major hit. The easiest way to ensure consistency with your dietary and/or nutritional needs is to prepare your own food, or at least shop prepared foods from trustworthy sources. When your to-do list spilleth over, prepping lunch can feel like yet another job, especially when you try to go about it in a low-waste, healthy, conscious way. If you already shop at Rebecca’s, it’s likely you already fall into one or all of these categories. There are many ways to streamline lunch prep with healthy lunch ideas and tips, be them keto, gluten-free, etc. It’s also possible to do so sustainably. Prepare yourself so you can prepare your best lunch with these healthy on-the-go lunch ideas.

A few tips for sustainable lunch prep include opting for a reusable lunchbox, reusable and recyclable containers and wraps for your lunch, packing reusable cutlery and cloth napkins, and more. If even this feels like too much, check out Lunchskins recyclable or compostable sandwich and snack bags. In addition to packing as sustainably as possible, you may want to break up lunch boredom without sacrificing your dietary plan.

Invest in a sustainable lunchbox and reusable utensils

Whether you choose insulated, bags, bento boxes, or tiffan-style, we’ve got you covered for lunchboxes and containers! Some of our favorites are the 3 Sprouts insulated lunchboxes, To Go Ware stainless steel tiered tiffin sets, and Bentology bento boxes. For reusable containers, consider the Stasher sealable bowls and sandwich bags, and 3 Sprouts snack bags among others. And don’t forget the reusable straws and utensils! We love the EcoVessel stainless steel utensil kits in black or rainbow with sleek carrying cases, and the To Go Ware bamboo utensils!

Creative ideas for Bento Box lunches

Fight lunch boredom with some creative ideas. A bento box is an excellent way to keep your lunch items separate and reduce single-use plastics. Click here for many healthy, creative recipe ideas, including sweet potato burgers and Thai Salmon Skewer with Coconut Rice.

Make sandwiches that won’t compromise your dietary needs. We carry a variety of gluten-free bread and buns from Major Muffins, Base Culture, Happy Campers, Udi’s, and Northern Bakehouse. Base Culture bread is also keto-friendly! Or, for some excellent alternatives to sandwiches, check out these keto-friendly lunch recipes here.

Pre-packaged snacks are always tempting and everyone, especially kids, tend to love them. When possible, reach for whole foods. Bananas are one of the easiest foods to take to go, and apple season is just around the corner! Get your family into the habit of eating whole by packing fruits and veggies in their lunchboxes.

Healthy drinks, like Guavaki Yerba Mate and Weller Sparkling Hemp Water

Feel refreshed and renewed on the job (or while carpooling, studying, between teaching yoga classes, etc.), with Guayaki Yerba Mate. This comes in many delicious flavors, both still and sparkling. Mate is a South American herb that contains an energy-providing, caffeine-like substance that is modified by vitamins and amino acids in the herb. It doesn’t cause jitteriness or a “crash” like coffee. Alternatively, try Weller Sparkling Hemp Water for some midday calm. These are refreshing, and come in tangerine, watermelon, or black cherry.

Come see us at Rebecca’s Natural Food to discuss any dietary needs, we’re happy to point you in the right direction on any products, healthy lunch ideas, and more!