Has it really been 35 years???!!!

When we opened Rebecca’s, in 1987, our namesake daughter, Rebecca, was only 7 years old. The staff was young and idealistic and our store was small (across the street from where we are now).

We thought of ourselves as part of the “Natural Food Movement” that was blossoming around the country. While our store has remained modest, we are proud to have been part of this historic cultural shift. We wanted to make a difference selling food with more nutrition, less processing, less chemicals, and less packaging.

Over the years we have enlarged the store, added supplements, hired many staff, and the number of customers coming into the store has greatly enlarged too. A few years ago, we started our “Supplement Club” to give discounts and information to our regular customers. Over 10,000 have joined the Supplement Club since it began. (If you aren’t a member, stop in the store to join the Supplement Club!)

If you are one of our regulars, or maybe just an occasional visitor, I want to thank you for your support of our store and the ideals we hold.

Our staff is not as young – 6 of us have been here over 20 years, but our spirits are good and the younger generation coming forward is as dedicated and competent as we have ever had.

To you our customers, or to you, our dedicated staff, we couldn’t have made it without you! We’re looking forward to many years to come!!