Fun Finds at Rebecca’s

Hi, I am Rebecca, the namesake of Rebecca’s—or as owner/dad, Norman Dill, liked to say very loudly when I was a kid and we went into the store, “Here is THE Rebecca!”.

I am not sure this fits in the “Expert Advice ” category in the blog, but I offered to share a few thoughts as a recent customer with a connection to the store. I have not lived in Charlottesville for 15 years, but everytime I come home we make one or more trips to the store and I always come in for one thing and leave with a few new fun finds. Over my Thanksgiving trip it was more about buying stocking stuffer candles, candies, and ingredients to make meals with the larger Dill family. This week’s trip was all about getting things for myself.

Liquid iron supplement & supplement for hair, skin and nails

I wanted to find replacements for two supplements I take, one a low dosage iron, and the other, a hair, skin and nails supplement. The first step was to talk to Susan Dunlap, Rebecca’s Nutrition Information Specialist, who directed me to Floradix Iron + Herbs Liquid Herbal Supplement. I had never taken a liquid supplement before, so I was excited to try this. The lower dosage works great for me to make sure my frequently borderline iron levels are high enough to donate blood, and so I do not get a heavy feeling when running. The New Chapter Hair Skin & Nails is only one capsule a day, versus the one I had been taking that is three per day and not as high quality.

Bulk teas at Rebecca’s

But after the real mission was completed, I started browsing the aisles. I zeroed in on the big selection of bulk teas that I had not noticed before. Last year I realized I was becoming increasingly sensitive to coffee (one of the changes in my 40s, along with needing the above mentioned hair vitamins). I got 4 small bags of teas from the bulk section to try. My favorite so far is the Scottish Toffee Purh. It tastes good black, but is also very nice with almond milk, matching the bits of almond in the loose tea. I love bulk foods for the ability to try lots of variety without worrying about wasting a whole package if it’s not my cup of tea, pun intended.

Honey Mama’s Cocoa Truffle Bars

Last stop, find a snack while we run the rest of our errands. I have always liked the packages of raw sushi as a light meal/snack, but while looking in the fridge Dad saw a new line of chocolates, Honey Mama’s Cocoa Truffle bars. June overheard us picking flavors and recommended the Dutch Cocoa-Nectar Bar as the darkest chocolate flavor. I tried the Tahini Tangerine. For something with no refined sugar, gluten, or dairy, I was blown away by how rich, creamy and complex the flavors are, and not at all chalky. While all the sweetness came from honey, it was not overwhelmingly honey flavored. The bitter chocolate and other flavors really came through. We went back today to grab one of each flavor for me to bring home to Atlanta to share with my niece who can’t have any gluten.

Hope next time you are in for something, you can take a quick swing around a corner of the store you have not been to recently. Chances are there is something new to find.

“The” Rebecca Dill (see photos of me above the door when you exit)