These Products and Tips Will Help You Biohack your Sex Life

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we can’t think of a better excuse to discuss a topic that can – but shouldn’t be – taboo: sex! With both modern and ancient techniques, we can learn to enjoy sex more and improve our experience. People have been “biohacking” sex far before biohacking became en vogue, and these natural hacks are easy and fun to try! Plus, your body will thank you. Sex can be an incredible stress reliever as it releases endorphins and other feel-good hormones that elevate mood. As a form of movement and exercise, sex has natural stress-relieving effects. If you’ve been a bit too busy for time with a partner or for a personal pleasure practice, let Valentine’s Day inspire you to try something new.

But back to biohacking sex. We can most easily manipulate and improve the libido, stamina, and overall satisfaction. The word “aphrodisiac” itself is an old one, derived from the name of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Love spells and potions are found in many cultures, most of which are herbal remedies that we can replicate to this day! More on that below… Read on for some of our favorite, best-selling products for improving your sex life.

Maca, CBD, and more for libido

While there’s much more to sex than sex drive, libido is a great place to start if you’re looking to enhance your sex life. A healthy libido will also aid in your sexual confidence, having a trickle-down effect into your sexual performance and experience. Sometimes our libidos are perfectly healthy, but factors such as stress, hormonal imbalances, age, and the general annoyances of life (or our partner) can get in the way. You may also have a healthy libido, but want to experiment with increased stamina and longevity of sexual activity. Maca has been used for at least 3,000 years to help improve libido and sexual stamina. This powerful root from the Peruvian Andes mountains works in several key ways and understanding how is a great primer on how our libido works. Our sex hormones help keep our bodies balanced as they relieve stress by nourishing the endocrine system. When they’re functioning well, the proper ratios of hormones are released. When hormones are out of balance, we tend to feel more stress, which dampens a healthy libido-a vicious cycle! Maca improves the libido as it helps with this hormonal balance. Supporting hormones could also increase fertility so keep that in mind when taking maca on a regular basis. The ancient Peruvians also used Maca for thousands of years for energy (no caffeine jitters) and stamina and modern studies have proven its prowess. We sell Fair-Trade, organic maca in capsules and powder.

Another way to fight stress and improve libido is CBD. So much sexual dysfunction is caused by anxiety and life stressors, and many anti-anxiety/anti-depression medications have negative effects on libido. Thus it can be a catch-22 to treat anxiety with pharmaceuticals and still have a healthy sexual appetite. Enter CBD! Its all-natural, calming effects help you get out of your head and into your body without dampening libido. We carry non-GMO and organically grown CBD in liquids, capsules, gummies, teas and honey. All of our products are 3rd party tested. We also have topical CBD products or massage oils for a romantic rub down to help ease any muscular pain and discomfort and get your partner in the mood.

Another way to get in the mood may just be chocolate! An Italian study found that women who ate chocolate daily reported higher levels of sexual desire than those who did not. This is likely because chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA), which triggers the release of dopamine, another feel-good chemical, in the brain. Dopamine is also released during sex. We have chocolates aplenty for your Valentine’s Day gifting, including many that are fair-trade, dairy-free, and healthy. Some of our favorites are locally made Clean Conscience, Odyssey, or C’ville Candy Company chocolates. We have many Fair-Trade chocolates to choose from like best-selling Hu Chocolate Bars that are even allergy-free, or stevia sweetened chocolate is available for your sweetie who avoids sugar. 

Ignite your senses and set the mood

Anyone can tap into their romantic side, however dormant it may be, with scents, oils, and candles. Scent plays a powerful role in our sexual experiences, and many specific essential oils are said to have aphrodisiac properties and boost libido. Try essential oils such as Rose, Jasmine, Clary Sage, and Ylang Ylang to get into the mood. Diluting and wearing these oils may also help you attract a partner, or make your current partner wonder why their mind is suddenly in the bedroom. We carry these sexy scents along with many other wonderful essential oils. We also have car, candle, USB, and electric aromatherapy diffusers.

Massages with body oils are another way to both get into and prolong the mood. We carry many organic and natural massage oils, including paraben-free offerings from Soothing Touch. Not only will your partner appreciate the gesture of a massage, but using a sensual oil will help stimulate parts of the brain that may be underused but can trigger a prolonged, romantic experience. Take things up another notch with an all-natural lube. These are excellent for heightening your sexual experience as you’ll feel more sensitive, moisturized, turned on, and able to prolong your sexual experience. Good Clean Love’s Almost Naked lubes and Emerita Warming Lubricant are other sexy natural products. 

Finally, light some beeswax or aromatherapy candles! Sex is a sensory experience and candlelight is romantic! Plus, a candlelit room may ease any insecurities you may havewe all look and feel great in candlelight. We have an abundance of candles including Candle Cottage Love Spell and Sugar Lips natural soy wax candles, and Virginia made Less Than Ladylike candles with cheeky names like “Let’s Get It On“. 

DIY hacks for performance and stamina

Once you’ve experimented with all-natural remedies for improving your libido and taken measures to get in the mood, you may just want to see how long you can make these ecstatic experiences last! There are many ways to prep your body for peak sexual experiences. One simple hack is to hydrate! Sex is a physical experience, and yes, it oftentimes gets sweaty. Hydrate as you would before any physical activity. This will also help improve your stamina, which in turn is likely to please and impress your special someone. Women’s bodies also produce natural lubrication better when they’re hydrated and post-sex trips to the bathroom help lower the chances of any pesky post-sex UTIs.

There are many exercises you can do to improve sexual stamina and improve the functioning of your sexual organs. Kegel exercises can help women improve their sexual satisfaction and reach greater orgasmic potential by strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor. And men, Kegel exercises can enhance your sexual performance, especially if you have diabetes or prostate issues. 

Finally, everyone will benefit from a bit of mindfulness in bed. Yoga practitioners and those who, in general, are more aware of their bodies and breath will find that mindfulness can make sex more pleasurable. Not only will yoga, meditation, and movement help quell anxiety (those pesky stress levels are really so critical), but you’ll feel more confident, in tune with your body and more present for the sexual experience.

As always, you’re welcome to come into Rebecca’s Natural Food in Barracks Road Shopping Center! We’re happy to point you towards any libido-boosting gifts for yourself or a partner!