Message from the Founder of Rebecca’s Natural FoodNorman Dill, father of Rebecca, and grandfather of Hazel

My son’s family came to visit! Lots of good times and a challenge. My granddaughter, Hazel, was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease.

Celiac disease and food triggers

Celiac disease is an auto-immune disease triggered by gluten. Gluten occurs in wheat, barley, rye, and any other food made from those, such as soy and malt. The immune system attacks the cilia in the digestive system, preventing nutrients from being absorbed properly.

Celiac friendly vs gluten-free foods—what’s the difference?

To keep Hazel healthy and keep their visit fun, we worked ahead of their arrival to eliminate any food in our kitchen that wasn’t labeled “Certified Gluten Free”. This is important because many products that don’t naturally contain gluten are prepared in food manufacturing facilities that also make wheat products. For example, the dust drifting from the whole wheat pasta may drift into the area of the factory that makes “gluten free” rice pasta. While being “gluten free,” that rice pasta wouldn’t be safe for someone with Celiac disease, potentially causing serious discomfort and long-term damage to their digestive system.

Certified Gluten-Free

So, back to Hazel, our very happy and smart grandchild! We were able to get dozens of “Certified Gluten Free” food products at Rebecca’s. Look for the “Certified Gluten Free” mark on the label or ask a staff person to see what is available. We are planning to add a section to our online store to make it easy to find the certified gluten free products. Certified gluten free foods are made in facilities which don’t use gluten-containing grains at all. Some naturally gluten-free grains (such as rice and oats) are grown in close proximity to wheat fields and may be contaminated with glutenous grains – Certified Gluten Free Foods are tested to ensure they’re actually gluten free.

Norman, his kids and grandkids, enjoying a meal at Mahana Fresh, Charlottesville

ALSO good news if you know someone with Celiac disease in Charlottesville: There are two restaurants in Charlottesville that meet standards for Celiac. One is National Celiac Association approved: Mahana Fresh, just across Barracks Road in the North wing of the Barracks Road Shopping Center.  The Juice Laundry on Preston Avenue near Kardinal Hall is 100% Celiac friendly too, along with being 100% organic.

Visit our section of online store for certified gluten free products, or come in to browse.

Norman, Rebecca and Hazel