Nutrients to support the body

The human body is an incredibly complex unity of interrelated systems all working to maintain the status quo we call health. It is in constant communication with internal conditions and environmental factors. This includes the raw materials with which it produces the fine and more dramatic adjustments to maintain health, which we call food.

Food, in contrast with single isolated nutrients, like vitamins, is rich with both macro and micro nutrients and co-factors, like enzymes. This increases the absorption and use, stimulates immune and hormonal function, and appropriately buffers the absorption. In its complexity, it reflects the complexity of the body.

The Ancestral food movement

The Ancestral food movement, a catch all term that applies to Paleo, Keto, Weston Price traditional diets, intermittent fasting and the Carnivore diet, among others, seeks to address the modern phenomenon of chronic illness by reproducing patterns and principles of eating of our evolutionary past. It maintains that overall we were healthier in the past and that mortality was primarily a matter of risk factors like conflict and accidents.

Ancestral supplementation

Ancestral supplementation represents the introduction of potent animal foods that are generally neglected in the modern diet or were traditionally used in a medicinal function. This includes organ meats or capsule preparations of organs.


Collagen is perhaps the best known and a good example of this. Bone broth is a collagen rich food, but many have turned to using collagen powder such as the Great Lakes brand.

Collagen serves many functions in the body. Introducing animal collagen provides a massive dose of the raw materials with which the body can make its own collagen for construction and repair. The collagen is not used directly but broken down through digestion.

Similarly, consuming kidney or liver either directly or through supplementation with capsuled preparations, provides the body with the complex materials with which it can restore function to those organs.

With the cooperation of the various systems of the body, a general and radiant health can be provided, maintained and restored.

In light of the focus on decentralized and, when possible, local sourcing, addressing environmental, animal welfare, economic and supply chain factors, Rebecca’s Natural Food offers meats from Wolf Creek Farm, Polyface farms, River Oak Farms, and Papa Weaver’s pork. We also carry a liverwurst made with grass fed beef liver.

Cuts or organ meats that we do not carry are typically available for special order, email our grocery department. In addition we also carry several organ supplements, of note, Ultra Glandulars, Ancestral Supplements, Enviromedica and Carlson brands.


Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels