Our 2020 Conscious Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day may give rise to mixed emotions, we get it! Whatever your relationship status (or lack thereof), it’s a welcome break from the drudgery of midwinter to show and spread the love. Whether you’re looking to gift a long-term partner, a crush, your children, a friend who’s been down, or even yourself, there are many ways to gift creatively and consciously. Forget the drug store chocolates and cringe-worthy cards, we have you covered! 

Valentine’s Day is also an excellent time to discover and support some of our favorite local artists. We pride ourselves on sourcing from many local brands and people who work with integrity and/or strive to make a social impact. When you gift from these brands, know you’re spreading the love in multiple directions.

Read on for our 2020 guide to great Valentine’s gifts for your loved ones… or yourself. If you don’t have someone to gift, there’s no reason not to pile on the self-love. Heck, even if you do have a partner, you can still gift yourself. We also have a special section dedicated to safe, all-natural ways you can boost your libido. We hope you have fun with this year’s guide!

Cards from local creatives and earth-friendly companies ~ Whatever you choose to gift, an accompanying card with a handwritten note is often the most meaningful gesture. We carry cards by many local artists, as well as cards on recycled and tree-free materials.

Jewelry by local artists ~ Local favorites Flame Bilyue and GG Beads make jewelry that is beautiful, unique and interesting.

More beautiful things ~ Give them a token to remember Valentine’s 2020 by. We love Touchstone pottery pendants and Woodcutts/Twig wooden jewelry and beautiful token boxes. 

Sweet things ~ Chocolate and Valentine’s Day are inseparable. If you’re looking to gift chocolate, which is delicious and shown to boost mood, we have many brands! Our favorite options include local brands Clean Conscience and C’ville Candy, Lily’s Stevia sweetened, Tony’s Chocolonely (guaranteed slave-free chocolate).  Shop chocolate you’ll feel good about gifting!

Rebecca’s gift cards. ~ Feeling stumped? A gift card is always a safe and appreciated option. Shop these for your pickiest lover(s) and friends.  

CBD ~ Give the gift of relaxation! Especially for those who may experience some anxiety around intimacy, CBD is never a bad idea.  

Gift your (and your partners) libido
We’ve written before on ways to bio-hack your sex life. There are many ways to boost your libido naturally! A healthy sex life is a key to both longevity and improved mood, so you can feel extra good about taking an interest in this aspect of your health, even if it’s just for the sake of it. We carry supplements with known aphrodisiac effects such as Maca, Tongkat Ali, and blends by Irwin Naturals. Many of these, such as Maca, have been in use for centuries. Why not use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to give them a try (or revisit them) if you haven’t!

For assistance in the bedroom, we have many safe, natural lubricants from very cool companies. Brands we carry include Good Love lube, Emerita lubes, Aloe Life lubes, and Ananda CBD Bliss lube. We even carry a locally-made lube from Dr. Eva, To set a romantic tone for your evening we also have massage oils that smell delicious. Finally, shop from our selection of candles to help set an atmosphere that is much more romantic than your overhead lighting. We carry beeswax candles and Bee Natural Beeswax honey pot candles, among other brands. 

Stop by the store to check out these and other suggestions to enhance your Valentine’s Day!