How to Make Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep + Rebecca’s Team New Year’s Resolutions

Ah yes, New Year’s Resolution season! It seems a natural follow up to a season of bustle and overindulgence. In the past, we’ve discussed how resolutions can be tough to stick with. It’s nonetheless a great time of the year for taking inventory of how far you’ve come and what you’d like to accomplish. You may think of this time of year as one where you take stock of your life like you would a business or a project. What’s been working for you? What needs to go to make space for the year ahead? 

You may be thinking, ok, this all sounds great, but how do I actually stick with my resolutions? We have a few tips:

1 ~ Break down your goals. Write down your big resolutions or goals for the year, then break them into smaller chunks. Sometimes we set ourselves up for failure and disappointment by setting lofty goals without having a strategy for reaching them. What steps can you implement to reach these goals? Write down your goals in small chunks. What can you do in 6 months, 1 week, or even today, to get you closer to your goals? Make a list of what you want to achieve broken down month by month. Maybe you want to start writing a book, or finally, go on that dreamy yoga retreat in Costa Rica. Great! Set the resolution, then spend some time making the book research timeline or budget to make them happen.

2 ~ Frame your resolutions positively. So many resolutions sound like punishment. “I must lose 10 pounds. I will not have a sip of alcohol. I will read 10 books a month, nothing less!” Consider reframing these so they’re more encouraging. Instead of focusing on weight loss itself, you may frame the resolution as a lifestyle change with *realistic* ways of losing that weight. Set goals you’re more likely to meet and thus, feel motivated to keep on with. Framing your resolutions this way allows you to be much kinder to yourself in your head, which may be a resolution in and of itself 🙂 

3 ~ Focus on consistency and remember that bigger isn’t always better. Combining our last two tips, think about how to approach your resolutions and goals with consistency. All big things are made up of smaller parts. Remember that incremental changes, when applied with consistency, can yield major results. We’re not here to discourage your BIG goals and lofty dreams. Rather, we’re recommending ways to make those happen. For example, if you resolve is to sleep better, you may consider stacking small choices on top of each other. You may introduce CBD one week, get some blue light blocking glasses the next, and cut caffeine the following. Focus on these small choices, one at a time, and notice how they complement each other. 

While some may opt-out completely or find the marker of time quite arbitrary, our team compiled our resolutions to share in hopes that you’ll perhaps be inspired or at least find some solidarity in your own quest. 

We hope you enjoy our team’s resolutions for 2020! Perhaps they’ll inspire yours.

Brandon ~ Laugh more, worry less, and be more present in the moment.

Bill ~ Finish research and begin funding trip to study Laamb, traditional Senegalese wrestling.

Susan ~ Get a full eight hours of sleep a night and drink less caffeine.

KeriAn ~ Learn something new and exciting.

Suzette ~ Spend more free time being creative.

Sophia C. ~ Spend more time digitally painting.

Bridget ~ Read more and learn more.

Nikki ~ Cut back on sugar intake and eat more greens.

India ~ Become more responsible with adulting.

Mary ~ More self-care.

Lilliana ~ Focus on playing more instruments and learn new hobbies.

Sophia T. ~ Go to London.

As always, we’re here to support your wellness and nutritional goals. Happy New Year and thanks to all for an incredible holiday season at Rebecca’s!