Tips for Your Winter Skincare Routine

Winter is tough on our skin. As the temperature drops and our heaters turn on, our skin’s appearance takes a hit. You may notice your skin feels drier and may even itch or flake off.  In general, your skincare regimen should change with the seasons, just as your diet, outerwear, and lifestyle do. Our skin is our largest, heaviest organ and requires tending to! Keeping your skin hydrated and healthy throughout the winter is not as simple as adding more moisturizer. For those who struggle with breakouts don’t assume that winter dryness will actually be beneficial. In addition, not all moisturizers work for everyone because people’s skin can have widely ranging needs so you may need to experiment to find what’s right for you. 

Remember the skin is an organ. Skin health is contingent on much more than what you moisturize or cleanse with, it’s an excellent metric for judging your overall health. At Rebecca’s, we always prefer a holistic approach, and skincare is no exception. When approaching winter skin, we want to think about how to both improve skin health from the inside out, as well as smarter ways to lock in moisture and improve collagen production (helps keep the skin elastic and youthful). Refine your winter skincare routine with hydration, a smart diet, adjusting the types of products you use (which can vary year to year as your skin changes), and lifestyle changes like protecting skin from the elements. Keep reading for more in our guide to winter skincare!

Stay hydrated

One reason your skin may seem drier this time of year is because you’re likely to drink less water. In the warmer months, it’s intuitive to hydrate as you sweat more. In the winter you may be likely to drink less water  but don’t let your hydration go! The water we consume has to nourish all of our organs before it makes its way to the skin, so be sure you’re drinking enough! Hydration levels help promote skin elasticity, aka its firmness and springiness. Which leads us to…. 

What to eat and drink for your best winter skin

Feed your skin from the inside out with foods and beverages that help you biohack skincare. One of these is bone broth. We’ve written before about our love of bone broth, which pairs well with cold weather and your winter skincare routine. Rich in amino acids, bone broth promotes collagen production among many other benefits. Bone broth/stock is easy to make but we also carry it packaged in the store. We also have many excellent brands of collagen (chicken, beef, fish or eggshell) in capsules or powders to add to coffee, tea, yogurt or smoothies. In addition, any foods high in essential fatty acids are excellent for skin health: think walnuts, many fish, flax seeds, hemp and chia seeds. Healthy fats are also excellent for your brain health, so there’s an added benefit to including them in your routine. If you aren’t a fan of these foods or simply want something on the go, consider supplements such as fish oil, sea buckthorn oil (high in Omega 7s and Vitamin C that boosts collagen and reduces skin inflammation), ceramides (Life Extension Skin Restoring Ceramides has clinical studies showing significant improvement in skin hydration and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles), or hyaluronic acid which specifically acts as a lubricant within the skin to create a more supple, youthful appearance.

Refine your skincare regimen

We love clean skincare, and there are many excellent options for moisturizers, serums, and other topicals to help your skin stay luscious during the long, cold winter. A favorite that is safe for most skin types is hyaluronic acid, which enhances moisture and has anti-aging benefits. The name may sound scary, but it’s actually quite gentle and occurs naturally in your body already. One of our favorites is Derma-E Hyaluronic acid facial care. For a worthwhile investment in your face, we also love Borlind’s high-end LL or System Absolute facial care. You can also up your moisture game with a cleansing oil that won’t strip the skin of the good stuff while still cleansing effectively. Try a lovely argan, rosehip or jojoba oil applied after using a toner and before your moisturizer.

For the body, we love Shikai Borage oil cleansing body bars and dry skin lotions, as well as a variety of locally made Mieka olive oil soaps that nourish while they cleanse. Also consider a double whammy of moisture and relaxation for stiff, winter bodies with CBD creams. For winter-strength body moisture, try shea butter thick body balms/butters. We love some locally made body butters by Northshea in natural lavender and lemon scents. The sales of these products benefit the founder’s home community in Ghana where she sources the shea butter, so you can feel extra good about the skin you’re in. They are great for all over or just extra dry spots like hands, feet and elbows.


Winter can also bring the sensation of an itchy, dry scalp.  A tea tree or neem shampoo and conditioner can help. Carina’s Sweet Pea moisturizing shampoo and conditioner are also helpful or one rich in marula oil like Andalou makes. We also carry deep conditioning treatments like locally formulated Studio 3.6’s Carrot Hair Mask, which smells great and hydrates dry hair.  And the supplements you take for your skin also help with your hair.


Be careful not to burn yourself, but steaming your face promotes circulation, hydrates, and promotes collagen and elastin. Not to mention that it’s soothing and opens the sinuses. You can steam with an at-home facial steamer, at an esthetician, with a warm cloth over a hot pan/bowl or even in the shower. Just be mindful that you don’t overheat and strip your face of moisture and/or burn your face’s very sensitive skin. Warm (not hot!) compresses are generally a safe bet. Be sure to moisturize afterward!

As always, come see us at Rebecca’s for all of your clean beauty needs!