Rebecca’s Team Halloween Tradition: Dressing Up!

At Rebecca’s we encourage staff to dress up for Halloween, which makes for a fun, playful day for both our team and customers. This tradition dates back to the early 1990s. Our staff has many fond memories of clever costumes and hilarity that has ensued: think an RGBH-free cow (circa 1996). Everyone helps out in the costume efforts, and KeriAn brings a big bag of costumes for those without one who may want to dress-up at work. It’s always a bustling fun day: the last day of our Annual October Supplement Sale. It caps off a busy, hard-working time, so Halloween serves as the perfect celebration for the transition from the sale month into the holidays.

If you haven’t been into Rebecca’s on October 31st, we highly recommend you stop by. If you’re also dressed up, even better!

We’ve compiled some photos from our staff’s Halloween looks over the years. Maybe they’ll even inspire you to dress up! Keep scrolling for photographic evidence 🙂


Halloween fun at Rebecca's!

Halloween fun at Rebecca’s!


Our staff really gets into Halloween!

Our team from 2017: Brandon, Will, Lea, KeriAn, Susan, Suzette, Nara, Sophia


What's your favorite costume?

The Rebecca’s crew in 2018



Ghoulish Harry Potter in 2018!

So, what are you dressing up as for Halloween this year?