Local Spotlight: Polyface Farms Turkeys and How to Order Yours in Time for Thanksgiving

We’ve been proud supporters and vendors of Polyface Farms for years. Their non-industrial, environmentally-friendly techniques result in delicious meats and eggs have won them much acclaim. Owned and founded by The Salatin family, Polyface Farms adheres to principles and techniques that are sustainable, humane, and highly intelligent. Now run primarily by Joel Salatin, their meat and eggs are a local favorite. The farm produces a range of poultry and meats, including turkeys! Enter the holiday season. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, supermarkets will be full of (overly large) turkeys stuffed with hormones and additives. The only thing your turkey should be stuffed with is homemade stuffing, not hormones. If you’ve landed on this page, it’s likely that a chemically-altered turkey isn’t exactly what you have in mind for Thanksgiving dinner. At Rebecca’s, we’re happy to offer Polyface Farms’ humanely raised turkeys as an alternative. 

But first, why Polyface Farms?

Polyface’s driving mission is to produce food appropriate and respectful to Human beings by respecting the nature of the animal. Refined over decades (the farm was founded in the 60s), their methods make them one of the most innovative farms in America. Many of their methods combine biomimicry with human innovation. These environmentally-friendly methods are drawn from pre-industrial techniques. While the yields may be smaller than those of massive farms, the techniques are more sustainable and thus, inherently respectful of the Earth. They also acknowledge the potential of farming when looked at from a perspective that honor’s nature’s boundaries. Rather than “mining” its resources to get the most (cash and crops), a longer game is played that respects what the environment can produce under natural circumstances. Soil is stimulated via compost and worms,  livestock and poultry are grass-fed, and seasonality is respected. Click here to see a behind-the-scenes look at how innovative Polyface is when it comes to raising your holiday turkeys! 

How to order your Polyface turkey at Rebecca’s

Turkeys of this caliber aren’t available en masse, and ordering yours requires a bit of planning. We’ve made it as easy for our clientele as possible! You can now place your order at Rebecca’s and turkeys can only be picked up on Saturdays. They arrive frozen but will thaw in your fridge in perfect time for Thanksgiving cooking! See below for deadlines and further details. 

Order and plan your turkey pickup

Interested in having a Polyface Farm turkey for the holidays? Here’s the deal:

  • There is a signup sheet at our registers.
  • Nov. 19 is the last order date for the single pick up day 
  • Saturday the 23rd is the pickup day.
  • The turkeys cost $5.49 per lb. 
  • We take a $25.00 deposit at the time of sign up which is applied to purchase at pick up.
  • Note that Saturday is the only pickup day. First come, first serve for specific weight as Polyface brings only what they have available.

Photo of Thanksgiving feast from Polyface Farms’ Facebook page. Inset of Joel Salatin from his blog, The Lunatic Farmer.