Product Highlight: Rebecca’s Label Supplements, Herbs, and Essential Oils

Did you know that we carry our own private label of Rebecca’s branded supplements, herbs, and essential oils? These products combine high-quality ingredients and cater to the needs of you, our Rebecca’s patrons. We trust our products and the companies we’ve chosen to make them for us! Years ago, when deciding to carry products with the Rebecca’s Natural Food name, we sought to offer products that are high quality, affordable and evolve with the latest scientific supplement research. If you’ve never tried our line, now is the time! Many of our team members routinely use these products. For example, Susan, our Nutrition Information Specialist of 30 years loves the Rebecca’s Pycnogenol, Elderberry with Umcka capsules and French Lavender Essential Oil. Brandon, the Store Co-Manager and Supplement/Body Care Buyer uses the Rebecca’s Magnesium, Vitamin D3, Women’s Probiotics, and Peppermint Essential Oil. Bill, Store Co-Manager and Grocery Buyer and his sons take Rebecca’s Krill Oil daily. KeriAn loves the Rebecca’s Basic Multi, Concentrated Omega, Multiflora, Digestive Enzymes, and CoQ10. Sophia swears by the Rebecca’s Super Joint Formula and Carolyn loves the Cranberry with D-Mannose. Morgan regularly uses Rebecca’s L-Theanine and the list goes on and on.

The suppliers:

Our Rebecca’s brand includes supplements, herbs and essential oils formulated and produced at three well-reputed companies. As with food, it’s important to ingest supplements that are made without harmful additives and chemicals, as well as ones tested for freshness and absorption. We source our Rebecca’s supplements from two companies with heaps of integrity: Vitamer and Reliance. 

Vitamer is our primary supplement line and the one we’ve carried the longest. They use high quality, fresh ingredients for their supplements. These ingredients are highly tested and turned into science-based formulas. We’ve been to Vitamer’s manufacturing facility and the rejection room for raw product is huge — only the best ingredients make it into Vitamer’s finished products. As standard procedure, they test all incoming raw materials, as well as finished products, and test each batch for disintegration time to support absorption. Each individual product’s lot number that we receive in our order is recorded for future reference in case of any questions. Every single ingredient used in a product is listed on the label and a panel of “Contains No”  ingredients is also listed to avoid the chance of allergies. None of the products with the “Gluten-Free” label contain more than 10 ppm gluten (the FDA limit for “Gluten-Free” is 20 ppm so Vitamer does better than that). According to Vitamer’s website, “All of Vitamer Labs’ finished products undergo gluten testing using an ELISA (Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) procedure (a machine that detects the presence of an antigen in a sample) to detect the presence of gluten”.  We also appreciate their commitment to a lower environmental impact by using easily recycled amber glass bottles for all their products. Vitamer is part of one of the oldest (90 years and counting), most trusted nutritional suppliers in the industry. 

Additional Rebecca’s supplements come from Reliance, another company whose commitment to research and values align with ours. Reliance, offering private label supplements since 1978, is known for their high quality and cutting edge research on products, especially probiotics. Products are manufactured in new Class 10,000 Clean Rooms, which exceed industry standards for air quality and moisture control. Our environment is as important to Reliance as the products they manufacture.  Their new facility is LEED compliant and is 40% more efficient than traditional manufacturing plants. With a MERV air filtration system to produce clean air and no hydrochlorofluorocarbons, they significantly reduce their footprint on the ozone layer. Reliance makes a Vity Award-winning allergy product, Aller 7 Support, that we carry and get great feedback on and their probiotics are some of the most respected in the natural supplement industry. Reliance has Independent Laboratory Analysis of finished products and clear full ingredient disclosure on their labels.  

Vitality Works is our herbal and essential oil go-to company. Around since 1982, they source directly from organic farms and ethically sourced wild harvesters around the world. We love the potency of their herbs and essential oils, as they’re harvested at peak times from whole plants. They use highly effective extraction technologies to get the best oils from their plants. Whole plants are ground in-house for freshness.  Vitality Works tests 100% of the ingredients that come into their facility. They also test each formulation and finished product before shipping to ensure that it remains pure, potent, and stable. Their scientists use more than a dozen different tests and they have an in-house micro lab to evaluate ingredients, just like Vitamer and Reliance.

Interested in trying something from our line? These are just a few of our top-selling Rebecca’s products.

You can easily incorporate them into your wellness routine, or try them in lieu of a different, pricier line!

  • French Lavender Essential Oil
  • Vitamin D3 liquids or soft gels
  • Magnesium Glycinate
  • Methyl B12 lozenges
  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Melatonin
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • B-Complex
  • Turmeric capsules

As always, come see us at Rebecca’s for all of your supplement, herbal, and essential oil needs. We’re happy to discuss your health needs and the products best suited for them.