Healthy Snack Tips, Inspiration, and Shopping Guide

Planning summer road trips, beach days, or time by the pool? You’ll want to have your snacks in order! Long hours outdoors call for planning ahead so you’re nourished and hydrated. We understand all too well the need for snacks that are portable but still reflect a natural food lifestyle. Planning ahead is also much more affordable than buying on the go. Prep your healthy snacks to avoid overindulging on the road with our healthy snack tips!

At Rebecca’s, we understand that you and your family may have different dietary needs and personal preferences. From paleo and Keto to gluten-free, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to snacking, from some ready-made snacks you can add to your grocery list to creative ways you can DIY.

DIY snack ideas:

If you have a bit more time and want to prepare your own snacks, below are a few ideas. Firstly, consider how you can use reusable containers for these to keep your environmental impact as low as possible and avoid single-use containers.

Our bulk section has heaps of nuts, granolas, and dried fruits that you can utilize to prepare a wide variety of healthy, to-go snack mixtures.

Make your own trail mix – Pre-packaged trail mixes are great, but we love seeing our customers make their own mixes from our bulk section. We have plenty of amazing options for making your own trail mix variety. Bonus, this can be a fun activity with kids!

Nuts for nuts – Not a trail mix person? Keep it simple with nuts. You can always opt for a simple serving of your favorite type. This is the fastest and simplest way to get a protein fix in while on the go. Keep it simple or make a mixture!

Sweet tooth friendly  A mixture of dried fruits and chocolate is an excellent sweet treat! Just be careful about the chocolate melting in hot cars and summer sun.

Hummus and… just about anything! If you’re taking a shorter trip or packing a cooler, hummus is a great snack. Dip into healthy hummus with gluten-free crackers, or opt for an even healthier combo with baby carrots or tomatoes. Hummus is also excellent to layer on your to-go bagels and sandwiches.

Dates and other dried fruits – Not a raisin person?  Dates are another excellent way to satisfy your sweet tooth and are easy to transport. Other great options include dried bananas, apricots, and other dehydrated fruits.

A snack shopping list from Rebecca’s

Looking for convenience? Shop snacks that are ready to go. Many of these are also pre-portioned, meaning you don’t have to prep at all, just grab and go! Screenshot this list of healthy snack tips for your shopping list, et voila!

Tesse CBD bites

Phat fudge

From the ground up cauliflower crackers

Prana nut mixes

Serenity kids

Wild Merman Jerky

Cocoburg Coconut Jerky

Blue Ridge Baking co

Shrooms mushroom snacks

Primal kitchen collagen full packets

Artisanal nut butter packets


Bulletproof RTD coffee

Steve’s Paleo Bars

Debby’s Bites

Come see us today for all of your summer travel needs and prep!