Gift Conscious and Local with our Mother’s Day Gifting Guide

When you think about it, it’s wild that’s there’s only one sanctioned day per year for celebrating our Moms. They’re the ones who maybe have brought us into this world, fed us, bathed us, and nurtured us through good times and bad. This year, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 12. If you haven’t gotten your mother or mom-like friends a gift yet, now is the time! Mother’s Day is an excellent time to express genuine appreciation for your mom or any woman who played a motherly role in your life – it doesn’t have to be biological! 

Fun fact, the proposal for an official Mother’s Day was initially rejected by US Congress in 1908, but Woodrow Wilson signed it into official existence a few years later. You can express gratitude for your mother or mom-like figures in so many ways! Whether gifting resonates or not, we suggest at least taking the time to write a thoughtful handwritten note or card (we’ve got you covered on those)!

If you’re feeling a bit stumped on Mother’s Day or simply looking for inspiration, read on for our guide to consciously gifting this Mother’s Day. From cards to locally made pendants to self-care items galore, consider Rebecca’s your one-stop shop for Mother’s Day gifting needs!

Relaxing Candles ~ Gift self-care and relaxation to show your mom that you value her downtime, something she likely sacrificed quite a bit of in raising you. A few brands we love include Bee Natural flowered honeypot reusable candles, Sunbeam Solar-Power made Beeswax candles, Trumelange aromatherapy candles, and Crystal Mountain locally made beeswax candles. Of course, we also carry the ever-popular Himalayan salt lamps in various shapes to create a soothing, healthy environment for your mom. 

The gift of laughter ~ Does your Mom have a quirky sense of humor?  Then she’ll love funny (and sometimes profane) Blue Q socks, bags and oven mitts to help her laugh through the tough days. Add a loving and funny Mother’s Day card from our selection and you’ll have boosted her spirits.

Bejewel your Mom – Make your mom feel special and snazzy with locally made or Fair Trade necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. We carry many vendors, include local favorite pendant artist Flame Bilyue, who also makes beautiful greeting cards. Willow Woodcutts earrings, locally made GG Bead earrings, and Matr Boomie Fair-Trade earrings and bracelets are also lovely and a major hit with our customers. 

Sporty Mom ~ If your Mom loves running, yoga, biking, hiking the great outdoors, and/or loves to sweat, period, then she’ll love a reusable Hydroflask vacuum sealed stainless steel water bottle. Add some powdered electrolytes for her to mix in, or organic protein powder and some topical Arnica gel for post-exertion soreness. She’ll be powered up for the athletic endeavor she loves in no time!

Yummy chocolates and teas/coffee~ Treat her to some chocolate! Chocolate is a sensuous treat, and dark chocolate consumption has even been linked to improved mood, memory, and immunity. We carry many brands of delicious chocolates!  We especially love the ethos of Clean Conscience chocolates, or the locally made wonders form Gearhart’s. Add some relaxing organic teas from beautifully boxed Pukka or Republic of Tea, or if Mom prefers coffee, consider a bag of Trager Brothers or Kicking Horse USDA Organic, Fairtrade, Shade Grown Coffee.

Stressed out Mom? ~ Most mom duties require quite a bit of heavy lifting. Whether it’s physically carrying little ones, hauling groceries, or simply bearing the stress of mom life in their bodies, moms have tension galore! We have heatable body wraps, massage tools, eye pillows, bath salts, and many soothing aromatherapy products.  You could also treat her to a CBD topical, or internal CBD liquids, capsules, gummies, teas, honey or candies to help relieve some of her stress and show her you truly care for how she feels! Not sure where to start? We have trial sizes or try NEW Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Organically grown THC Free CBD in one of 19 styles (yep really). 

Green Thumb Mom ~ If your Mom loves digging in the dirt, support her hard-working hands with some therapeutic and lovely hand creams. Our favorites include Shikai Borage Therapy Moisturizing Hand Cream, Weleda Skin Food, Derma-E Therapeutic Shea Hand Creams, or heavy-duty Booda Butter Balm or Badger Balm. Keep her protected from too much sun with Badger Clear-Zinc natural SPF. If the bugs love her as much as you do, gift her Quantum Buzz-Away or Ticks-N-All essential oil bug repellents. Don’t forget All Terrain Poison Ivy bar soap to wash away poison ivy residue so it can’t spread or Washington Homeopathic Poison Ivy pills or topical spray to curb the itch from unintentional exposure.

Every Mom likes a choice so know that we offer gift certificates in any denomination whether you want to splurge or gift a small token of your affection for her to spend as she wishes.