All natural pet support for your fur babies, birds, and reptiles

Most of our staff at Rebecca’s have pets, and we’re a crew of animal lovers, in general. We understand how pets become part of your family! It’s up to us to keep up with and tend to their health. As anyone with a pet knows, animals are subject to many of the problems that we humans also experience. We carry pet products for many of these issues, including pet stress, joint support, skin issues, digestive issues, and pests. We only source products that safely and naturally treat your pet’s issues. We also look for products that are easy to administer, and, if edible, will taste good to your pet!

Read on for some of our top picks for all natural pet support.

Pet stress

Pets get stressed too! The symptoms of stress in cats and dogs often show up in disruptions to their normal behavior. It’s obvious if barking or hissing increases, or if aggression, troublesome behaviors or incontinence develop. Less obvious symptoms include changes in sleep, digestion, or isolating behaviors. Oftentimes, our stressful behavior also causes pet stress! When you need to treat yourself for stress, think of treating your pet as well. Loud noises such as fireworks, thunderstorms, or construction can majorly spook pets. Traveling is another big trigger, especially if your pet isn’t used to being in transit or is being left behind while you travel. You may want to an all-natural formula in advance of a trip to prep your pet, or you can administer one of them at any time to help them calm down once already anxious. You’ll also want to consider what’s easy to administer. Most of these will help your pet de-stress down without overly sedating them. Of course, always check with a vet if your pet’s behavior has changed.

We’ve written about the benefits of CBD for humans, but since our furry friends also have endocannabinoid systems they can benefit from CBD products as well. Just as CBD is a great way to naturally help treat your stress, it can also help your pet. It’s important to use products made from agricultural hemp because it is high in CBD and very low in THC (less than .3%) since THC can be toxic to pets in high amounts.

Some great pet CBD products we carry include liquids by Charlotte’s Web, NuLeaf, Ananda (bacon flavored), and Green Gorilla. Treats by the brands Green Gorilla and Pet Releaf are great for dogs, and we have a pet topical by Happy Goose for skin issues. CBD is safe for dogs, cats, and horses.

In addition to CBD based products, there are other natural remedies to soothe your pet’s anxiety. Homeopet makes homeopathic drops for different stressors: general, travel, or loud noises. These are gentle and effective even for pets on medications. Homeopet is safe for cats, dogs, bunnies, and birds. Bach Rescue Remedy Remedy drops are a glycerine based combination of 5 flowers and help with anxiety for mammals, birds, and reptiles (great for people too!). Vital Planet Pet makes tasty Calm soft or hard chews with Gaba (an amino acid), as well as herbs for almost instant relaxation.

Joint health

Joint issues plague pets just the same as humans. If you notice your pet struggling to move as nimbly as before, get them to the vet to have their joints checked out. It’s painful to imagine that sometimes our pets suffer in silence because they can’t explicitly tell us they’re hurting, though most of them have their ways of letting us know. Many pets are also susceptible to arthritis, keep an eye out for the signs!

There are many products that help reduce inflammation and ease joint discomfort. A few options include Sea Mobility Joint Rescue treats with Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM, Vital Planet Hip and Joint glucosamine/herbal hard and soft chews, and Terry Natural Curacel Curcumin for pets (we have formulas for dogs and for horses. Curcumin is amazing for treating inflammation!). Another option is Nordic Naturals Omega 3 to help with joint, heart, and skin health. CBD can also help reduce inflammation and improve joint comfort. Homeopet also makes a homeopathic Skin and Itch formula for scratching, itching, chewing or skin allergies. Talk to your pet’s vet or pet store to find out about switching your pet’s food to help with food allergies.

Digestive health

Much like humans, our pets’ tummies also get upset from time to time. Sometimes they get a bit adventurous and eat something they shouldn’t from the yard, or a simple bug overtakes them. Their digestion can suffer, and gut health is also important for maintaining healthy digestion, immunity, and overall well-being. Activated charcoal capsules can help with gas and diarrhea (for people too!).

We carry pre and probiotics for pets, such as Vital Planet Probiotic chews for dogs which come in a canine-friendly chicken flavor and pack the punch of 20 billion cultures and 11 unique strains of good bacteria.

The same brand, Vital Planet, also makes excellent Digestive Enzymes for dogs or cats. Pet lovers through and through, they’re committed to using non-GMO, grain-free, gluten-free, and organic ingredients when possible.

Homeopet’s Digestive Upsets drops are a great all natural way to help treat your pet’s upset stomach, including issues such as diarrhea, vomiting, gas, and bad breath. All Homeopet products are safe for dogs, cats, bunnies, and birds.

Healthy treats

Just as with human desserts, not all pet treats are created equally! Consider treats that are healthy and tasty, and won’t throw off your pet’s diet or stomach. We carry US-grown and manufactured treats from Chasing our Tails. These come in a pet-tasty chicken breast or beef liver flavors.  

Fleas & ticks

This one is big, especially for indoor/outdoor pets! Ticks and fleas are an issue for your pets general comfort level and health. Ticks are especially important to look out for, especially as cases of Lyme Disease continue to rise. While you cannot technically get Lyme or tick-borne illnesses directly your pets, they can be unknown “carriers” for ticks that end up on you. In other words, keeping ticks off your pets isn’t just critical to your health, but also for the health of your entire family! Always take preventative measures, and be sure to treat your pet ASAP should you notice fleas or ticks.

You don’t, however, want to resort to bug sprays that are toxic and do more harm than good. We carry many great all natural DEET-FREE options, including Pops Pet Flea, Ticks & Insect Sprays, Ticks N All sprays for dogs or cats (formulated by a Lyme Disease Doctor, it also helps with mosquitoes and chiggers), and Petguard flea collars for dogs or cats.

Also Unique cleaning products for pet issues:

We love our pets, but sometimes their pet smell overtakes our homes. Rid your home of their smelly imprint without all the toxic cleaning formulas using an all natural cleaner formulated just for this purpose. We carry Unique’s Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator, Skunk Odor Eliminator (it happens!), and Carpet Shampoo. These are safe and effective products.

At Rebecca’s, we espouse a holistic lifestyle and philosophy towards food, self-care, and general well-being. We like to discuss ways to support ourselves as naturally as possible while also taking into account cutting edge innovations. Many of our favorite products combine technology with biomimicry and sustainable production. This philosophy extends to our home cleaning products, home decor choices, and our pets! All natural pet support is critical to the ecosystem of our home, as well as your furry friends’ wellbeing. Many pet foods, snacks, and supplements are formulated with harmful chemicals and preservatives, so be sure to read labels twice and shop at trusted suppliers like Rebecca’s.