Supplements and Lifestyle Changes for All Natural Weight Loss

The phrase “weight loss” carries, well, a lot of weight. The reasons people try to lose weight vary, as do the methods that are best for each person. For some, weight loss is a medical necessity, while for others it may be more about cutting a few pesky pounds gained over the winter. Many are looking to optimize their body for some physical activity or sport, or even to cut fat (but gain muscle). In these cases, one’s actual weight may increase despite a decrease in body fat percentage. In all cases, we’ll address weight loss that enables you to live life as your healthiest and best self, never weight loss for the sake of reaching unhealthy goals or jeopardizing your health.

As mentioned, there are many reasons you may try to lose weight, ranging from reducing negative effects from health conditions to simply feeling more confident in your body and clothes. For those who are clinically overweight, it can be a medical necessity. This metric is typically defined by your BMI (Body Mass Index), though that’s not the only way to decide whether you should lose weight. A BMI of 25 is the standard metric for being overweight, and a BMI of over 30 is considered “obese,” which is when your fat content is considered harmful to your overall health and puts you at high risk for life-threatening diseases. Being overweight also affects your quality of life, especially if you’re trapped in a sedentary lifestyle and abstaining from activities that are simply too much for your body.

If you’re uncertain whether you’re obese versus overweight, always consult a doctor. If you’re someone looking to cut some body fat but are generally healthy or on the lower spectrum of being overweight, the need to lose weight quickly won’t be as critical. That being said, you can still blast some fat quickly, especially with tools such as the Keto diet… more on that below.

You’ll want to plan out your weight loss trajectory so you can lose the right amount at a rate that is healthy for you with long-lasting results! Someone who routinely does cardio or runs several miles a day will have a very different experience and caloric intake than someone with a more sedentary lifestyle. For many, weight gain happens sneakily, over time. We get it, life gets tough. You may eat to self-soothe or simply have made poor choices that have become habits through a stressful time in your life. An injury or illness may have thrown you off track. Then there’s menopause! Sometimes carpooling and work win out over the gym or a homemade, healthy meal. That’s ok, but not at the expense of your health. Factor your lifestyle into your existing dietary plans. There are no catch-alls, but some of our suggested supplements, lifestyle changes, and dietary suggestions can be incorporated into most healthy, all-natural weight loss plans.

Reasons to lose weight and how to get started:

Anyone embarking on a serious weight loss plan should consult a doctor or dietician. If you’ve experienced a rather sudden or unexpected weight gain, a hormonal problem such as thyroid issues, leptin resistance or blood sugar issues may be to blame. If you’re one of these people, it will take regulation of different factors rather than the general formula of cutting caloric intake and increasing exercise that works for most. Once you’re certain your weight gain isn’t linked to any other underlying health issues, you can get to work crafting a weight loss plan that works for you. If you’re obese or technically overweight, your health is at risk, and weight loss is a medical necessity. Obesity and/or being very overweight increase your chances of heart disease and stroke, and The American Heart Association suggests weight loss is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of heart disease.

It’s actually quite easy to make a plan for weight loss! While sticking with it will require your commitment over time and willpower, we’re here to try and make it easier for you!  Read on for our tips and supplements for healthy, all natural weight loss.

Ketosis and fasting techniques:

Two very buzzy, often related ways that people lose weight (and generally improve their health) include Intermittent Fasting and the Keto diet. The Keto diet is a high-fat, low-carb diet with an excellent track record for weight loss. The Keto diet is a means of getting your body into a state of ketosis, which is a metabolic state for optimum fat-burning. You can trigger ketosis and kill cravings for pesky carbs by eating this way. For a deeper dive on the nuts and bolts of Keto, read this. We’ve also written about fasting and how it can help you lose weight before on the blog, check it out here!

We carry many products at Rebecca’s that are great ways to empower and support a Keto diet. Anything with MCT’s will help sustain the body’s natural ketone levels. We offer MCTs in liquids or powder. Other great supplements to support your Keto diet include Dr. Axe’s Ancient Nutrition Keto Fire Ketone Activator caps and Keto Feast meal replacement shake with 50mg caffeine, 20g Fat, 17g Protein, and 5g Carbs. Add the former to your coffee or drink alone with water, and the latter makes a yummy shake. Natures Plus Keto Living line is another excellent supplement line that supports a low-carb, Keto lifestyle. Zhou’s Keto Drive is a patented beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) complex and helps support increased blood ketone levels on a Keto Diet. Garden of Life launched a Dr. Formulated Non-GMO verified line of Keto supplements including Keto meal, Keto Fit, MCT powder, and Butter powder. 

Supplements and products that help with weight loss:

While many weight loss products get a bad rep, there are many we have carried many for years that will support and catalyze your weight loss journey in a safe, healthy way.

Improve your metabolism and offset other imbalances:

Increasing your metabolism, aka the rate at which your body burns calories, is a surefire way to lose fat. While exercise factors into this, there are also many naturally occurring herbs and specific supplements that can help. Single supplements people ask for that we carry include our top selling diet supplement of garcinia (we have several brands), citrimax, green coffee extract, Bulletproof Coffee supplements, and Relora. The latter is helpful for stress-related weight gain and appetite cravings.

Those looking for a metabolism boost can look to several products whose combined ingredients support weight loss: Irwin Naturals’ System-Six, a 6-in-1 formula for enhanced metabolism, mood, and energy support; Irwin Naturals’ Green tea Fat Metabolizer to kick-start your fat burning ability, Irwin Naturals 3-in-1 Carb Blocker and Irwin Naturals CBD+ Fat Reduction with CBD and Garcinia. 

Probiotics are an excellent way to improve your gut health and in turn, keep your system functioning in a way that supports healthy elimination and weight loss. We carry many pro and prebiotics, including Renew Life’s Healthy Weight Probiotics + Prebiotics. This formula is designed specifically with weight loss in mind and is made with clinically studied probiotics, Organic XOS prebiotics and Organic Svetol® to help support weight management and healthy metabolism, help burn body fat, and improve the lean mass to fat mass ratio in addition to promoting healthy digestion and regularity. If you take a daily probiotic, you may consider switching to this one while trying to lose weight.

Beat bloat and start your diet with a cleanse:

If you’re looking for quick changes (think a weekend event), you can jumpstart your diet with a safe cleanse. We carry many cleanses by Renew Life, and their 3-Day Cleanse is the perfect way to jump-start a diet or lose water weight just in time to fit into that outfit. This cleanse is a total body reset that also helps with bloating, waste elimination, and general digestive health. You’ll feel slimmer almost immediately! This is not only a great option for those looking for a “quick” fix for a targeted event but also is great for a reset after a period of overindulgence. For more on the how-to and benefits of cleansing, check out another one of our posts.


Last but not least, exercise is one of the best ways to jumpstart weight loss and maintain a healthy weight long term. Many exercises that are excellent for losing fat also help you tone and improve your muscle mass. Again, this is not about becoming “skinny,” but about reaching optimal health. When your body has more muscle, it actually burns calories more quickly, even in a resting state. Cardio is an excellent way to lose weight, as it’s the quickest way to accomplish a calorie deficit. It also strengthens your heart. A well-rounded exercise program will help you burn calories more quickly, but also feel better and more energized overall. This helps create a positive feedback loop this will make it easier for you to keep weight off once you lose it! If you are recovering from an injury or haven’t exercised regularly in a while, ease into it gently and listen to your body. For example, walking daily instead of starting with intense cardio can be helpful if you are just getting back into the swing of regular exercise.

Thyroid Support:

Iodine supplements are an excellent option for those whose weight gain issues are caused by thyroid imbalance. If you’re having any sort of thyroid issues, or suspect that may be at play, see your doctor! Symptoms that may indicate a thyroid disorder: increased or decreased weight, sensitivity to cold, bowel changes, muscle/joint pain, depression, increased/decreased appetite, fatigue, pale dry skin, brain fog, thinning hair, high blood pressure/cholesterol, hoarse voice, sleep changes, and low libido. A quick blood test at your doctor can identify whether you have thyroid issues. We carry iodine supplements in capsules and as liquid iodine.

As always, feel free to come in and chat with someone at Rebecca’s with your questions.