Shop Ethically with these Conscious Valentine’s Day Gifts!

Valentine’s Day can be a tricky holiday. It’s the holiday that people in love or families often designate to enjoy special time together and others love to hate for a variety of reasons. Nonetheless, it brings some much needed festive air to the otherwise cold, bleak month of February. At Rebecca’s, we like to think that you can use Valentine’s Day to bring cheer to loved ones, whether it’s a romantic, platonic or family relationship. There’s a way to gift thoughtfully and economically on Valentine’s Day, and we have plenty of conscious Valentine’s Day gifts to choose from!

Whether the Valentine you have in mind is your sweetie, Mom, kid, friend, or pet, we have something sweet to share. Perhaps you know someone who needs some TLC this time of year and it’s a great time to gift a friend who’s been a bit lonely. It’s also an easy opportunity to send a message to someone special that perhaps you’d like to be more than just friends. It also doesn’t have to be a grand gesture!

Shopping locally for Valentine’s Day (and any holiday) also ensures your purchases are more likely to be quality, ethical, and fair-trade. Remember your purchases have a positive trickle-down effect on our Charlottesville community (local purchases return directly to the community where you live and participate as a citizen) and support local vendors.

From healthy, delicious chocolates to romantic or platonic gifts, we have fun, conscious Valentine’s Day gifts aplenty.

Sweets and treats

Chocolate is one of the most quintessential Valentine’s Day gifts. Skip the stale, mystery-in-the-middle Russell Stover box (who truly knows what’s in there…) in favor of something delicious and small-batch.

Clean Conscience Chocolates ~ Guilt-free chocolate at last! Ideal for your health-conscious loved one who still likes to indulge. These are delicious, locally made, Organic, Vegan, Paleo-friendly, Gluten-Fre,e and FREE of all the bad stuff, aka soy, refined sugars, and preservatives.

Enjoy Life Allergy Free Chocolate Bars ~ Another great brand for anyone with allergies or a restricted diet. We carry 3 flavors of these yummy chocolates. Skip the nut, soy, and dairy allergies without compromising on taste.

Lily’s Stevia Sweetened Chocolate bars ~ Sweetened with stevia, these are completely sugar-free yet so delicious you’ll hardly notice the difference. Absolutely perfect for those on sugar restricted diets.

Tony’s Chocolonely ~ This brand paves the way in ethically made chocolate. Believe it or not, much of the world’s cocoa is farmed by slave laborers. Tony’s scrumptious chocolate bars are slave-free, fair-trade and some of our favorites!  

Locally Made Allens Scottish Shortbread Delicious and with a special limited time Valentine’s Bunny packaging.

Spoil just about anyone on your list with these naturally scented, spa-like gifts.

Himalayan Salt Lamps and Salt Heart Massage Stones ~ It’s no secret that we’re big fans of salt around Rebecca’s Natural Food. Gift a home spa experience with a salt lamp or take it to another Valentine’s Day-appropriate level with heart-shaped salt massage stones. Add a little Soothing Touch Aromatherapy Massage Oil to the stone and gently knead the knots out.

Nature’s Answer Organic Romance Blend Oil ~ This sensual oil combines exotic, evocative citrus notes with vetiver, as well as uplifting geranium, cardamom, eucalyptus and more. The blend may enhance romance romantic feelings in a subtle way. We also have an abundance of other individual and blended therapeutic essential oils to choose from.

Bedrock Tree Farm Candles, Rose or Lavender ~ We’re big fans of these small-batch non-GMO soy candles with wooden wicks. Bedrock Tree Farm makes everything with fir needles sustainably harvested from their Christmas tree farm (talk about smart). Rose Fir and lavender fir are delicious, romantic scents for the Valentine’s Day season (despite the fir, these are not Christmas scents). As always, no hazardous solvents or additives, no harmful phthalates or paraffin wax in our soy candles, and no genetically modified markers present in the soy wax they use.

Pukka “Love Tea” ~ Rose, chamomile, and lavender make this one of the most soothing teas to sip. Made with love, this tea has a beautiful story! It was crafted by Pukka’s master blender for the person who became his partner! Perhaps you can gift it as a love potion, of sorts, to someone special on your mind. Pukka promises 100% organically grown and ethically sourced ingredients.

Goddess Garden Aromatherapy Bracelets & Kheops Aromatherapy Necklaces ~ Aromatherapy on the go in a stylish bracelet or necklace? Sign us up! Made with porous lava rocks, these bracelets or pendants absorb and gently release the scents from your choice of essential oil blends to take with you stylishly on the go. Enhance your mood anytime, any place. Hmm, maybe get one for a friend and one for yourself this V-Day.

Bucky Heartwarmer heatable pillow ~ A snuggly heart-shaped buckwheat pillow that conforms to your body and heats up to keep you warm? Ahhh! The perfect gift for a lover, friend or family member who runs cold or suffers from cramps, aches, and pains. Also perfect for an athletic kid or one with growing pains. You can also put this in the fridge for a cooling sensation.

Sensual and sexy! Channel Eros with these gifts that are great for yourself or your lover.

Irwin Steel Libido Red for Men + Steel Libido Pink for women (with or without CBD) ~ Nitric oxide boosters support blood circulation and enhance physical response during sexual activity, according to Irwin Naturals. MCTs help sustain a calm focus that will heighten your cognition for peak sexual performance. These come in versions for men and women, and you can find a version enhanced with CBD to help calm any jitters and bring you back into balance.

Emerita Oh Warming Lube  ~ Little bottle, big results. Emerita’s products are created especially with women’s’ needs in mind. The warming sensation comes from glycerin and cinnamon combining with the body’s natural moisture. Key ingredients: Glycerin, Cinnamon and Honey. Like all of Emerita’s products, it’s paraben-free.  This has been a best seller for years.

Good Clean Love Carribean Rose Massage & Intimate Oil ~ This sensual oil is made from high-quality rose essential oil, known for its aphrodisiac properties. An earthy, smoky base will draw in your significant others’ attention, while the rose is sweet and inviting. These are made with sensual body rubs, baths, heightened kisses, and moisture in mind. Use as you please!

Unique jewelry for someone you love

Jewelry and adornment are another lovely Valentine’s Day gesture. Check out our picks for beautiful items that are handmade and unlike the gifts at the mall.

Touchstone Pottery Pendants in Celtic & Animal designs ~ Inspired by Celtic art and animals, these hand-crafted pendants make for a “next level” gift. If you’re looking to gift jewelry for your friend who prefers unique jewelry these are perfect.

Flame Bilyue (local artist) Art Pendants ~ Keep it local with Flame Bilyue’s colorful designs! Another way to gift jewelry in a thoughtful way!  We also sell her beautiful art cards which are blank for you to inscribe your own words of love or admiration. We also carry other local jewelry artisans who make one of a kind creations.

Matr Boomie ~ Fair-Trade earrings and cuff bracelets benefit women artisans in India. 

Kids, friends, and more!

Valentine’s Day Cards ~ Much like the Valentines that children exchange at schools, a card can be a perfect, easy and simple gesture. But big vendors tend to make cards with heaps of chemicals and wasteful means of production. We carry many that are locally made and cards made with recycled materials or sourced from Tree-Free materials.

Griffin Bubble Bath Bears for your Valentine’s Kids! ~ Children love bathtime, so spoil them this Valentine’s day with adorable bubble bath bears. We carry them in lavender and chamomile scents.

Trager Brother’s Coffee ~ Coffee is always a great gift, and we love the locally roasted, certified Organic, shade grown, and sustainable blends from Trager Brother’s.

Need help gifting that special someone ~ or yourself ~ this Valentine’s Day? Come and see us at Rebecca’s Natural Foods!