Inability to focus, forgetfulness, finding it nearly impossible to sit still. Sound familiar? If so, you or someone in your life may suffer from ADHD. According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), 5 percent of American children have ADHD, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) posits that the number is double that.  While symptoms typically appear between the ages of 3-6, adult diagnoses have increased in recent years.

Our smartphones, explicitly designed to keep us scrolling, have also wreaked havoc on our intellect in recent years. Cognitive and behavioral struggles can adversely affect schoolwork, careers, and even personal relationships. When one’s ability to perform basic tasks is compromised, just getting by becomes quite difficult!

If you feel hopeless, fear not, as solutions exist.* These need not be pharmaceutical (consult your doctor!), and many of the all-natural remedies for ADHD help treat the root causes of the symptoms rather than just the symptoms themselves. Those seeking all-natural remedies for ADHD can find plenty in the form of supplements and dietary changes. Some of these treatments are also favored by those simply looking to bio-hack their memory, focus, and overall cognitive performance (hyperlink here to biohacking piece – we want to hyperlink back to as many of our own pieces as possible). Read on for all natural ways to help treat ADHD.

All natural supplements

Many pharmaceutical medications can cause anxiety. These all-natural supplements are a better way to improve the symptoms of ADHD without the edge. Try one of these to find a more balanced, calm state of focus.

DHA According to several studies, children with ADHD have lower tissue levels of the omega-3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) when compared to children without ADHD. Many doctors now consider fish oil supplements with high DHA helpful in treating ADHD, notably for its ability to improve “impulsive-oppositional” behavior, which common pharmaceuticals for ADHD treatment have been unable to address.

Rebecca’s Natural Food carries DHA in liquids, gummies or softgels. Brands we have in store include Nordic Naturals, Carlson, Renew Life, and Nutrigold.

Garden of Life Memory & Focus

These supplements are specifically designed to help with various symptoms, including memory and attention. Garden of Life has created three formulas: Attention & Focus for Kids, Memory & Focus for Young Adults, and Memory & Focus for Adults 40+.

Nordic Naturals Omega Focus Junior and Ultimate Omega 2X Teen

Packed with the aforementioned omega-3 fish oils, Nordic Naturals Omega series is another excellent option for both children and teens. This supplement supports overall brain health. In addition to omega-3s, you’ll benefit from Magnesium, which helps to calm the body, as well as Zinc, Carnosine, and Phosphatidylcholine. The blend is specifically formulated to help with “calm, focus, attention, and learning.”

Rainbow Light Brain & Focus for Teens & Adults

Rainbow Light’s Brain & Focus™ Multivitamin wears many hats as a supplement. While it’s a multivitamin, it’s also formulated to target memory support and brain health. This is an excellent addition to any wellness regimen.

Dietary changes

ADHD treatment is not limited to supplements. Making changes to your diet can have a profound effect on mental function. If you’re looking to treat things at the causal level, diet change is an excellent place to begin. Dietary changes can be safely and effectively combined with supplements for optimum results.

Consider gluten

Research has shown that patients with Celiac disease are overly represented among those with ADHD. If you’re Celiac, you likely already know as the symptoms are quite painful. Testing may be necessary, nonetheless. Switch to a gluten-free diet, which has been shown to help whether you’re Celiac or not.

Drop the sugar and additives, add protein

In general, following a low-sugar, no additive, high-protein diet combined with supplements has been shown to help treat ADHD symptoms. Blood sugar spikes from sugar consumption can worsen ADHD symptoms. This is especially potent for children. Sugary cereals will wind your child (or you) up, increasing the levels of stress hormones in the body. The resulting crash when blood sugar drops is equally to blame for poor focus and irritability. Plan meals that have healthy proteins, fiber, and complex carbs to stay satiated longer and in a more balanced way.

As always, we’re happy to discuss all-natural remedies for ADHD with you at Rebecca’s Natural Food.