Biohacking is a health movement that assumes human strength and performance, physical and cognitive, can be optimized through the manipulation of inputs. This means that we can be healthy, feel better, and perform better if we do certain things, eat certain things or don’t do or eat certain things. A bio-hack can be as simple as drinking more water. It may also be as complex as tracking nutrient deficiencies through blood tests and then addressing those deficiencies through targeted supplementation. In other words, biohacking can be a lot of things.

The term “hack” is used to refer to how we humans find new and clever ways to shortcut and optimize the effects of a process. According to Dave Asprey, founder, and CEO of one of our favorite brands, Bulletproof, “Biohacking is the process of using science, biology, and self-experimentation to take control of and upgrade your body, mind, and life.” In biohacking, we have a philosophy of self-determination, self-management, and self-experimentation in the realm of health and biological function.

How do you start Biohacking?

Quantification plays a role in Biohacking: measuring one’s progress toward a goal. This could be through lab testing or more subjective measurement, like recording in a daily journal one’s mood as a 1-3, to supply some kind of data to rate the experiment’s success.

Want to learn more?

In addition to biohacking pioneers such as Dave Asprey, Tim Ferris, and Dr. Jack Kruse, there are others who translate research and the work of others into actionable advice through articles and podcasts. Some of the more popular figures are Chris Kresser, Chris Masterjohn, Mark Sisson, and Ben Greenfield.

In these modern times where we’re met with conflicting viewpoints, including about nutrition and health, we would do well to set off on a journey of self- experimentation, armed with the many and increasing amounts of information and tools available and some parameters for measurement. Self-reliance is an admirable thing.

If you’re looking to dive deeper, we love this article from the aforementioned Ben Greenfield that includes 10 nutritional biohacks.

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