Nature’s Root Therapeutic Sore Muscle Body Oils are a hot item here at Rebecca’s Natural Foods.

The Sore Muscle Body Oils were created with chronic pain and therapeutic work in mind. With properties focused on relieving pain and reducing inflammation, you can expect deep muscle penetration and long-lasting relief.

The Sore Muscle Body Oils come in 4 different blends.

  • A camphor blend to provide relief
  • A chamomile lavender blend to help you relax
  • A basil eucalyptus blend to stimulate
  • A citrus blend to help energize

Nature’s Root strives to create hemp-based therapeutic and beauty products that are consciously crafted for not only their customers, but the planet. Hemp oil is known to be the most unsaturated oil, the one with the highest variety of amino acids and the only plant source of Vitamin-D.

As Nature’s Root acknowledges, there are many misconceptions and differing opinions about hemp oil. According to Nature’s Root, “The most damaging misconception is that that hemp oil has psychoactive effects, meaning that it can get you “high”. In reality, hemp oil has typically has a THC content of .05 – 1 percent. This trace amount is so insignificant that it will not have any effect on the user.”

So if you’re finding yourself coping with chronic pain or looking for a natural oil to incorporate into your physical therapy, check out Nature’s Root Sore Muscle Body Oils.