Bone broth, or bone stock, has become a staple in the modern kitchen, as it has been in the traditional kitchens of most cultures of the past. Stock is simple to make. You boil bones. The art is to make it taste good. It is economical and ethical. It wastes no part of the animal that gave its life to maintain ours. In addition to soup, it provides flavor and richness to a variety of dishes. It is a low- tech method of yielding what we are coming to understand is a potent and versatile medicine.

Bone broth packs a scientifically proven punch

Bones are made up of mineralized collagen. When cooked in water of the proper PH, over a period of time, bone is broken down into minerals and collagen in highly digestible and bio-available forms. Voila, bone broth is born! As in all things traditional, that which addresses basic needs by holistic and efficient methods delves into the infinite complexity of life.

It is now well established that the functions of the cell do not randomly occur in something like a bag of chemicals, as the cell has been formerly depicted, rather they occur in the context of ordered structure. The cell is full of fibers, filaments, and tubes that form an architectural pathway for metabolic processes to occur.

Where we once believed that molecules in the cell diffused randomly in the liquid interior until they bumped into appropriate enzymes, we have found that chemical reactions are more rapid and orderly if they occur on a structural framework. This framework is collectively known as the cytoskeleton and is extremely delicate and complex. The DNA in the nucleus of the cell is connected to this cytoskeletal framework. The cytoskeleton, in turn, is connected to the extracellular environment. Even this environment outside of the cell is an orderly and connected progression of tissue consisting of fascia, tendon, cartilage, various layers of nerve sheathing, periosteum (bone), organ capsule, and ligaments.

This continuous “supramolecular” network connects every cell of the human body in a matrix that acts as a liquid crystal. In a liquid crystal, the connections are so ordered that information and energy can travel without loss of coherence to every part. Since many metabolic processes are reduction-oxidation processes or redox processes which are exchanges of electrons, they are electromagnetic in nature, therefore energetic processes. Biochemistry follows bio-energy.

This continuity of the human body in an energetic circuit is made possible by a most unique substance: a hydrated, liquid crystal, semiconductor. It is a triple helix protein, three strands of repeating amino acids, coiling left-handed, followed by a right-handed coiling of three strands creating a cable with greater tensile strength than steel. These cables are hydrated by a layer of structured water.

The helical or spiral structure is the form of many key molecules in the body besides collagen, such as DNA. It is also common throughout nature. This includes water, the movement of light through space and is even postulated to be the characteristic movement of electrons. The human heart is itself found to be a single band of muscle wrapped in a double helix. The helical structure will also be familiar to anyone who studies spiritual sciences.

This substance is piezoelectric, pyroelectric, photoelectric, and thermoelectric. It has the ability to convert and conduct energy of various forms to biologically useful energy.

How bone broth affects bone density

Piezo, pyro, photo and thermoelectric properties refer to collagen’s ability to generate electron flows through conversion of pressure, light, and heat. Collagen is capable of converting mechanical waves, or structural vibration, into electrical waves and back again. Let’s take the well- known piezo-electric effect in bone as an example. Bone is, as we have said, a crystalline structure of collagen. Like quartz, when bone is compressed it produces a characteristic electromagnetic field. In bone, this compression is accomplished through movement. A specific oscillation and harmonic pulsation of electricity are produced that communicate the exact nature of the movement through the entire organism, as well as a signal to generate growth. Bone will then adapt to the loads and uses imposed upon it by the type, quality, and quantity of movement. This is the positive effect that exercise has on bone density.

Crystalline arrangements are the rule in biological systems. As we have said all collagen has this quality. The piezoelectric effect is common to cartilage, ligaments, indeed all tissue in the body.

This example is a subset of a subset of millions of processes occurring in the body simultaneously, requiring a profound level of intercommunication and coordination for the body to act as a single unit.

Biological systems utilize all of the laws of physics and forces of nature, perhaps even some, as yet unknown. They use chemistry; enzymes and hormones, they use neurotransmitters and nerve impulses, electromagnetic fields, sonic frequencies, bio-photons, semi-conduction, the piezoelectric effect, the pyro and thermoelectric effects and liquid crystal properties, all of which have a relationship with collagen. All of which contribute to harmonizing the myriad functions of the singular being.

Drink your bone broth.

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