Who says muffins and biscuits are only for breakfast? Orange Dot Baking Company is giving us all permission to eat muffins and biscuits for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

All Major Muffins and Major Biscuits are filled with natural fiber and at least eight grams of protein. But what’s unique about their recipe is that they are free of gluten, soy, sesame, nuts AND troublesome gums. Using an innovative, proprietary baking process, Orange Dot Baking Company is able to lock in the moisture and expand the cell structure of the bread, making their muffins and biscuits one of a kind.

It’s a versatile bread that works well as a French toast for breakfast, a turkey sandwich for lunch, a hamburger bun for dinner–or simply toasted with goat cheese and a glass of red wine. Choose any one of their eight flavors and you’re guaranteed to upgrade your gluten-free lifestyle.

Orange Dot Baking Company began in the kitchen of avid gluten-free cook, Susan Freeman Weiner, with the hope of generating local employment while producing a healthy, flavorful alternative to existing high-glycemic, gluten-free breads.

Come try Orange Dot bread and learn how amazing gluten-free bread can really be!