We love CBD! Ananda Full Spectrum Hemp CBD tinctures and topical balms are a favorite of Rebecca’s Natural Food staff and customers alike.

Studies have shown that CBD oil can help with wide-ranging conditions, including many that are difficult to treat. These include (but aren’t limited to) stress and anxiety, sleep, epilepsy, overall mood, inflammation, energy levels, metabolism, appetite, pain response, immune function, nerve signaling, muscle control, and memory.

Ananda Hemp happens to source from the first legal hemp farm in the United States, and they take the growing process seriously. They describe their process as “homegrown,” and always grow their hemp without the use of any pesticides. None of their contain GMOs! The company has also donated more money to hemp-related research than any other organization… in the world! Feel better about feeling better knowing that Ananda’s products are grown and created ethically!

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