Here are the products I use daily:

  • Brandon DavisThe Grandpa Soap Company’s Buttermilk Shampoo & Conditioner works great for my curly hair. I get compliments on my ringlets every time I use it. I just wash, rinse and go. No styling products needed. It’s also FREE of: sulfates, parabens, pthlates, gluten, artificial anything and is cruelty free. I love the subtle scent.
  • Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega 2X fish oil softgels. Two a day gives me a super high amount of EPA & DHA to help with mood, memory and inflammation. If I forget to take it for a few days, my daughter tells me I start calling everything a “thingie”.
  • I take turmeric everyday and have tried many brands with success for chronic pain. Right now I’m taking Terry Naturally’s CuraMed+ DIM Complex with French Grape Seed for inflammation and healthy hormone balance and breast health.
  • Oregon’s Wild Harvest Aller-Aid gets me through the sneezy, itchy hay fever season year after year. Quercetin, NAC, Organic Nettles, & Non-GMO Vitamin C in an easy to swallow capsule give me quick relief without fatigue or feeling revved up.
  • Rebecca’s Brand Organic Chocolate Plant Protein from Non-GMO Pumpkin Seeds makes a quick, high protein breakfast and is easy on my stomach and light on my palate.
  • Dr. Mist Lavender Deodorant Spray. How many natural deodorants are truly effective? I’ve found this one to really work for me and many of my customers. Hey, it even won the 29th Geneva International Invention & Innovations Award.
  • Spry Peppermint or Cinnamon Gum with xylitol. I love to chew gum while I’m driving, but don’t like the artificial ingredients used in most gum. Spry has a refreshing taste that lasts fairly long. Dentists are even sending their patients in for Spry gum, mints (dry mouth), toothpaste and mouthwash because xylitol inhibits cavities.
  • No Top Picks of mine would be complete without chocolate. Right now my favorite treat is Chocolove Peanut Butter Cups with dark chocolate.