You Are Perfect

You are an incredible and perfect natural system. The natural state of your body and being is toward health. Your body is undeniably a self-healing mechanism.

Luna Moth, photo by Helen

Luna Moth, photo by Helen

When you have a health issue, imbalance, or disease something in your life is blocking your body’s natural state and preventing it from healing. During these times of imbalance, amongst other things, many people turn to supplements in the form of foods, herbs, drugs or natural health products. I meet people every day at Rebecca’s who are in need of this kind of assistance. And while supplements are imperative in supporting healing and returning to a natural state, unless the initial blockage is removed, imbalances or issues will continue and quite possibly develop into a state of disease.

Your health and well-being involve your mind, body, and spirit. As do your imbalances, they also involve your mind, body, and spirit. So unless you address the health and issues of all areas of your life, you will likely retain blockages. And one informs the others. What you feed your body will impact your mind and spirit. What you feed your mind will impact your body and spirit, and so on. This is holism; although we are in a specialized society, we are not specialized beings.

photo by Helen

Luna moth detail, photo by Helen

When you truly love yourself, are at peace in and with your spiritual life (whatever that means to you), when you release blame, and take responsibility for your well-being you will find yourself having good relationships, being respectful, not taking things personally, and feeling a general state of gratitude. When you’re like this, the body can deal with a great deal of physically detrimental influences or circumstances. And you will have an interest in taking good care of the only thing you really have in this lifetime. The roads to these ends are countless and plentiful with no specific order for healing and health to occur so use what resonates with you and works for you.

As for physical health, this is what I like and have learned so far:

K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid. Eat food close to how it came from nature. Stay away from anything that has gone through a lot of processes or complexity, including how far it has traveled to get to you.

Spend a lot of time outside. You need sunshine, fresh air and movement.

Stretch like an animal does because you are an animal.

Sleep well. Try to be asleep by 10:00 PM and get enough hours of quality sleep in absolute darkness.

Don’t own a lot of things or live in a really big house with lots of walls, keep it simple.

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Helen Geisler
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