Kaity’s Grocery Staff Picks

Kaity from our Grocery Department lists her Top 5 Grocery picks. We bet some of them will intrigue your palate!


Hu Chocolate Bars, specifically the Crunchy Banana- I am lactose intolerant, this is vegan and delicious. It’s 72% Cacao, Non-GMO, and free of gluten, refined sugar & soy! Only 3 ingredients make up this bar: Cacao, Organic Coconut Sugar & Organic Banana!

Chapul Cricket bars: Aztec flavor. I love the idea of a sustainable protein source, like crickets. I eat these when I crave sweets. Impressive spice to them!

Local Innisfree eggs: I’m always impressed with size of eggs and the great taste!

Kelapo Coconut Oil: I use it every day in my coffee and to cook with. It’s good for the brain and body.

Spelt Right chips: Honey BBQ flavor. They are a light savory snack with less fat & calories than potato chips.