Susan’s Top 5 Supplement Picks

Susan Dunlap, CHC, Nutrition Information Specialist

Susan Dunlap, CHC, Nutrition Information Specialist

1. Garden of Life Raw Fit Marley Coffee protein powder– I like the flavor, and it really holds my hunger for several hours.

Garden of Life

2. Nature’s Way Alive Multi for women 50+ – An excellent value for a very comprehensive formula with lots of plant antioxidants.

Nature's Way Alive

3. BioSil Silica for Hair Skin Nails -Clinically proven to increase thickness and strength of connective tissue and promote collagen growth.


4. Rebecca’s Advanced Anti-oxidant – I think anti-oxidants are the most important supplement to take because they block damage to our cells. This formula is a great combination that complements a multivitamin.

Rebs Advanced AntiOx

5. Rainbow Light Counter Attack – This has herbs that help fight bacteria, viruses and support the immune system all in one product. Very versatile for dosing and has worked for me several times.

Rainbow Light