Spring Allergies

Ah choo!! I can hear my husband sneezing in the next room – allergy season must already be upon us. I forget that even with the cold weather we’ve had that mid March is the beginning, as soon as the maple tree buds start opening. Soon the Bradford pears, forsythia, and then the dreaded cedar and pine tree pollen will clog up the air.

Quickly, I run to the box of supplements stashed in my kitchen, grab a couple of Source Naturals’ Activated Quercetin tablets and pass them onto him with a glass of water. Next I reinforce the daily vitamin packs that I make up with the quercetin and some Stinging Nettle capsules for extra support. This arsenal has enabled him to avoid both prescription drugs and the over the counter meds that cause so many side effects.


Seasonal allergies cause a huge release of histamine in the body which in turn causes runny nose, itchy watery eyes and swelling of the sinus passages. Several natural products can help to slow down or alleviate these symptoms. Vitamin C in high doses spread throughout the day, along with quercetin and other bioflavonoids act as potent antihistamines. Bromelain, a protein digesting enzyme is also helpful to literally eat up the extra histamine, and reduce inflammation.

Homeopathy also has several remedies to offer support. They can be found in a tasteless liquid, tablet or nasal spray. These are safe for children and are particularly effective when started as soon as symptoms begin.

We have these plus several other natural approaches to allergies at Rebecca’s. Please stop by and ask for a Free Allergy Guide to help you feel better during this challenging season.

Happy Spring!

Susan Dunlap, CHC
Nutrition Information Specialist