Monica’s Top 5 Supplement Picks

Monica, C., Supplement & HBA Floor Supervisor

Monica, C., Supplement & HBA Floor Supervisor

1. Rebecca’s Olive Leaf- My daily immune boosting supplement which is also helpful with allergies, colds, flu, candida and blood pressure. Great for anti-aging and has a wonderful antioxidant, anti-viral property to it.

Olive Leaf

2. Renew Life Digest More Ultra- Broad spectrum digestive enzyme that packs a punch in one single capsule to help break down all forms of proteins, carbs, veggies, dairy and even sugar!


3. Rebecca’s Holy Basil- Also known as “Tulsi” or “The Incomparable One”, holy basil is one of the most sacred plants in India and is known throughout the world as the Anti-stress/Anti-Anxiety herb. Holy Basil is my best friend during those stressful times!


4. I-Throid Iodine- One of the best Potassium Iodine supplements available on the market, and suggested by many medical doctors including my own for underactive and overactive thyroid symptoms. One 12.5 mg capsule delivers a daily energy boost, and balances the thyroid naturally.


5. New Chapter Zyflamend- The number #1 anti-inflammatory herbal supplement in the US! Formulated for whole-body healthy inflammation response in a food-based veggie soft gel. Just two soft gels a day keeps me going all day without pain!