Lee’s Cooling VEGA Smoothie

Cheers to a really cool snack on these steamy summer days!

VEGA energizing smoothie, with or without embellishment provides great taste and super nutrition in a convenient form!

Why cool?

  • It just tastes so good (especially the Tropical Tango flavor).
  • Each scoop contains 10 grams of complete plant-based protein…
  • and two servings of vegetables– love those greens!
  • Essential fatty acids from flaxseed are also included to nourish the skin, and combat inflammation.
  • Each serving contains 5 grams of fiber (without added fruit) to help you meet a healthy level of fiber intake.
  • A digestive enzyme blend is included to help your body gain the most benefit from the nutrients.
  • Vega is gluten, dairy and soy free!
  • Just put a scoop into a shaker of ice water, shake and go…or
  • Blend with ice or a frozen banana- it’s SO cool!

Also try blended with fresh (or frozen!) local peaches or nectarines for a tasty treat. When you discover your favorite blend, try freezing the smoothie in popsicle forms for an extra cool treat.

(Local Henly’s Orchard Peaches)

-Lee Linder, Certified Nutrition Educator in the Supplement & Bodycare Dept. at Rebecca’s Natural Food