Lea’s Top 6 Supplement Picks


Lea Supplement & HBA Assistant Manager

Supplement & HBA Assistant Manager



1. New Chapter Rhodiola 100mg – Rhodiola has gotten me thru some very challenging times over the last 15 years, single parenting 3 teens at the same time, quitting coffee, and after a close family death it totally cleared the heavy fog in my brain. Its a great adaptogen, great for the adrenals and it has a history of being used in Russia by athletes. It is said to help your body adapt to stressors whether they are emotional, physical or mental to lesson the impact the stress has on your system. Love, love , love it!
I like the 100mg because I can take another in the afternoon if needed. I am really sensitive to herbs sometimes and I like the lower mg because of that.



2. GOL Raw B-Complex- I have been taking this one for around 6 years, I love it because it has no smell and it doesnt repeat like some Vit B’s I have trouble getting past my nose. Since it’s a food based one, I can take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with no worries about upsetting my stomach, like some traditionally made vitamins. It also has lots of fruits and vegetables in the base which I think is a bonus, but if you have food allergies I would read it carefully. Its also gluten-free and vegan, and is in a capsule so you could open them and put in juice as well. I notice when I don’t take it, it makes a difference in my ability to handle stress, think clearly and have energy.


3. Country Life Co-enzymated BComplex– this is my new favorite B-complex after the Country life representative gave me a sample! I do take it with food, usually later in the day. It has methylated B-12 , the methyl-folate form of Folic acid and the P5P version of B-6. All the most easily absorbable forms of B’s are included. There has been talk lately about the best forms of Folic acid and there is also a local doctor recommending this version for certain people that are not able to use the other forms of B vitamins due to a hereditary malabsorption issue.


4. Oregons Wild Harvest, Aller-Aid- my very favorite allergy remedy for my excess mucous and itchy eyes, due to allergies, and Ive tried tons of different products. This one works best at onset of symptoms but will work if already full blown allergy attack. Contains anti-inflammatory vitamins and herbs Quercetin, nettles and NAC for wonderful results in one product.



5. Barleans Olive leaf Extract- I first started it when the flu was going around and I took it as part of a program where we had to report our findings after 30 days. I take it daily now to quell candida and to help my immune system. I did not get sick even though I waited on lots of flu stricken customers. I love this herb for that reason but it also is a great antioxidant and helps support blood pressure, healthy joints and cardiovascular system.


6. Similasan Sleeplessness Relief- I really appreciate this product. It helps a lot when I go to bed and sleep just isn’t happening. I don’t take it every night but just on the nights when I need it. Sometimes I have had to take it twice in one night but over the years, only a few times. It is a homeopathic, so a clean mouth is a must (15 min before and 15 min after nothing in your mouth) and it helps if you’ve had no mint in your toothpaste. When ever I go away I bring this with me so I can sleep in a unfamiliar bed without tossing and turning all night.