At Rebecca’s Natural Food, our staff follows some simple guidelines when selecting items that stock our supplement shelves.

Products we offer are:

  • Safe and have minimal or no side effects;
  • Made with pure ingredients;
  • Sourced locally, when possible; and
  • Created as simply and with the fewest possible ingredients (no fillers) and all ingredients are known to the consumer.
  • We are always available to answer questions, provide thoughtful and informed advice, and to guide you in developing your personalized supplement support plan.

Supplement Support Plan

A supplement support plan needs to be individualized, but there are some general guidelines that many people find helpful. A good multivitamin, for example, doesn’t have artificial colors, flavors or unnecessary fillers (especially unfermented soy, mineral oil, or talc). Look to see if the minerals are in a chelated form (such as calcium citrate instead of carbonate, or zinc picolinate rather than zinc oxide). Chelated minerals have much greater absorption than the conventional (cheaper) forms.

Because each person’s need for B vitamins varies depending on diet and stress levels, it is important that any multivitamin contains all eleven at adequate amounts. Sometimes companies skimp on Biotin because it is expensive; it should be a full 100% of the daily amount.

We’ve all become aware of the increasing importance of vitamin D. The level should be at least 800 international units (IU). You may also be getting vitamin D in a calcium/magnesium combo or even a fish oil supplement – so be sure to add them all up.

Sometimes companies “cheat” by using synthetic vitamin E. Look to see if it’s labeled D-tocopherol or DL-tocopherol. The “L” chemically designates synthetic, and is only 50% absorbed.

Lastly, look for support foods, enzymes, and herbs in the base which can offer additional nutrients and benefits beyond just vitamins – especially good for antioxidant protection which is so important.

Do you have questions about your supplements? Want to set up a plan for yourself? It’s always a good time to clean out the cupboards!

Vitamin Club

Have you heard about our Supplement Club Savings Card?

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