Summer Sunscreen Season

I was that kid in the 70’s.  The one dermatologists caution parents to protect from the sun.  You know, the child who received a severe sunburn (perhaps more than one) before the age of five, and is therefore… I don’t know the exact statistic… but much more likely to get skin cancer as an adult.  Awesome!  To be fair to my dad, he had applied SPF 15 (I don’t even know if it went any higher back then), and I was under a beach umbrella most of the time, but we were visitingVenezuela—on the equator it was bound to happen.

Needless to say, throughout the course of my life I’ve tried countless different brands of sunscreen.  I hate wearing sunscreen.  Often it smells funny, or it’s sticky, or it leaves a white coating on your skin, or it makes you feel hotter (especially those waterproof varieties!), or a combination of any or all of these offenses.  And those were just the issues I had in my youth.  In my teens, I got my first job at a health food store.  Suddenly I was introduced to a whole new group of suncare products to wade through, as well as concerns over some of the ingredients in the products I had been using previously.  This was indeed a slippery slope.

Years later, I feel very fortunate to continue to work in the natural products field, where access to and interest in the latest research in healthy skincare is the norm.  My little daughter, who has inherited my Casper-like complexion, benefits from my sunburn paranoia (we’ll see if she uses a different descriptor than “benefits” when she’s older!).  This season, we’re trying out the GoddessGardenbrand Natural Kid’s Spray Sunscreen, and the Badger brand Lightly Scented Lavender Sunscreen.  You can check out the safety ratings of your favorite sunscreens at the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Sunscreens 2012 page: .

What suncare routine works for you?

Napping on the Beach

Tuckered out atVirginia Beach(with sunscreen on, and under an SPF 50 umbrella!)

-KeriAn Dodson

Store Manager, Rebecca’s Natural Food