Nara’s Body Care Staff Picks!

nara hba

Our Supplement/Body Care Sales Associate, Nara, is currently studying Level 2 Herbalism at local Herb School, Sacred Plant Traditions. Here, she shares her TOP 3 Body Care staff picks.

1) Diva Cup: This is a “game-changer” for monthly cycles and eliminates the need for pads and tampons. There are 2 sizes so make sure you choose the right one.

2) Total Bliss Jewelweed Soap: As an outdoor enthusiast, Nara is exposed to an abundance of poison ivy. She uses this soap to “wash off poison ivy before the itch starts”. Using Jewelweed as soon as possible after exposure or suspected exposure is best, but we do have other remedies if it has already spread.

3)Himalaya Neem Toothpaste: “The Neem & Pomegranate leave my teeth and gums so clean and fresh.” Neem is also wonderful for periodontal issues. Himalaya is a very responsible company on many levels and you can feel good supporting them with your buying dollars.