Brandon’s Health & Beauty Picks

Brandon Store Co-Manager/HBA & Supplement Buyer

Store Co-Manager/HBA & Supplement Buyer


As the Body Care buyer for the last 18 1/2 years, it has been my pleasure and challenge to bring in the cleanest body care products that work well and are affordable. I have tried hundreds of hair care, body care and face care products. I still enjoy experimenting with different ones, but do have some favorites that I stick with.


1. Dr. Mist Lavender Deodorant Spray- Every person has different body chemistry, but for me this has been an effective natural deodorant for years. It sprays on without dripping and is effective even in hot weather. It even won an award for best deodorant!



2. Aubrey Calming Facial Wipes- After accepting that I was never going to remember to wash my face before falling into bed (after the nighttime battle to get my daughter to sleep), I started keeping these soothing, effective facial cleansing wipes in my bedside table drawer. They even clean off eye make-up gently.



3. Acure Seriously Firming Facial Serum- I love everything about this facial serum from the subtle scent to how it makes my skin look and feel.



4. Grabiel Powder Foundation and Mascara, & Zuzu Colorful Eyeliners- These natural make-up products have graced my face for years without any irritation.

gabriel_powder zuzu_eyeliner


5. Alaffia Beautiful Curls Shampoo & Conditioner-These enhance my curls and lessen the frizz. I style with Alaffia Coconut Sea Salt Texture Spray. It’s easy and I love the sexy, touseled, beachy look my hair has when I use it.


alaffia_curls alaffia_seasalt

6. Andalou Aloe Mint Shower Gel- If you read my Mint blog, you’ll know how happy mint makes me and this has a wonderful scent, rinses clean and leaves my skin soft.