Sophia’s Top 5 Grocery Picks



Sophia, Head Cashier/HBA & Supplement Associate



1. Sami’s Bakery – Millet and flax chips (Italian herb)
Great for dipping with just enough flavor to be good on their own too! Gluten free, and a great source of fiber to boot.



2. Zola – Acai juice
Delicious and smooth source of antioxidants for a quick and gentle energy boost. Best served cold.



3. Tyrrell’s- mature cheddar & chive potato chips
Great crunch with a bold flavor. Awesome to pair with a sandwich or burger, and to dip in mild, creamy dips.


4. Sunspire- dark chocolate coconut bar
Just the right amount of sweet for chocolate and coconut lovers alike! Great for a dessert, and pretty filling as far as candy bars go.


5. Epic – Habanero & cherry beef bar
Quick and filling with a rich, smoky flavor. Just the right amount of habanero kick without the heat for novice pepper-eaters like me!

epic beef