Shelbi’s Top 5 Grocery Picks


Shelbi Grocery Floor Supervisor

Grocery Floor Supervisor



1. Dry Soda-It’s only four ingredients, and each flavor has only 10-20 grams of cane sugar. We have lavender, juniper, and vanilla bean. The vanilla bean is delicious!




2. Absolutely Glutenfree crackers- My absolute favorite is the everything cracker. It pairs nicely with a sharp white cheddar. Or just by themselves.


absolutely gf



3. Ancient Harvest mac n cheese- Perfect glutenfree comfort food. It’s made with quinoa and corn!




4. Organic Valley Organic Fuel– 26 grams protein, makes a delicious latte. Vanilla or Chocolate.


og_fuel_choco og_fuel_van




5. Farmstead Ferments Carrot Curry Kraut-By far, the best kraut ever. It usually takes me about a month to get through a jar of kraut. This one was gone in maybe two weeks. I just wanted to eat it all the time.