Morgan’s Grain Free Tortillas


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I was raised in a household where Mexican food was a huge part of my diet. That’s pretty normal if you’re from California. When I went grain free, that meant no more tortillas. There goes taco salad shells, tortilla chips, enchiladas, tostadas, burritos, tacos, and many other wonderful things. I’ve tried so many recipes that were complicated and turned out eggy and crumbly. They didn’t fool me. A few days ago I saw another complicated recipe with plantains. I decided to take that and break it down to the basics to see if that worked. Finally…success!

You will need:

A blender
1 plantain
1 egg
1 tsp arrowroot starch
1 tbs coconut oil
Dash of salt

Cilantro flakes
Chili powder
Onion powder

Peel your plantain and blend it with all your other ingredients. Grease a baking sheet and preheat the oven to 350. If you don’t trust your pan, you can use parchment paper, but I didn’t find it necessary. On your pan, smooth out a few circles with your batter. Make your tortillas as thin as you can without making it see through. After you have reached a desired size and thickness, feel free to add some final garnishes (chili flakes, cilantro flakes, etc. ) let them bake until the begin to look dry.


This takes somewhere between 5-12 minutes depending on how big you made them. DON’T FLIP THEM!  Many recipes want you to, but for this recipe it isn’t necessary. When the tortilla edges start to turn golden, take them out, and let them cool for a few minutes on the pan. They should come off fairly easy with a spatula. And there you go! Flexible, sturdy, yummy grain free tortillas.