Mama’s Running Late Gluten-Free Guacamole Grilled Cheese

Mama’s Running Late & Kids Can’t Wait Meals by Rebecca’s Co-Manager, Brandon Davis:Brandon

As a single, full-time working Mom, my 6 year old & I get home from work/school at 6:00 every week-day. My goal is to get dinner on the table no later than 6:30 or my girl gets cranky &/or starts rooting for snacks.

Mama’s Running Late Gluten-Free Guacamole Grilled Cheese:

Prep & Cook Time: 15 minutes max
Serves:2, but easily can be adjusted

4 slices Sami’s Millet & Flax Gluten Free Bread (yummy even if you are not Gluten-Free)
Kerry Gold Naturally Softer Pure Irish Butter (easy to spread)
Applegate Naturals Cheddar & Provolone Sliced Cheeses
Organic Girl Baby Arugula
Yucatan Organic Guacamole

I use a cast iron skillet to make my grilled cheese. Did you know your brain is made up of almost 60% fat? Healthy fats are good for your brain! Butter the insides of the bread with soft Kerry Gold Naturally Softer Pure Irish Butter and put a large dollop on the skillet. Heat skillet on medium heat and when butter melts, spread it over the skillet and put bread on skillet open faced. Put 1 slice Cheddar & 1 slice Provolone on bottom piece of bread. If you want wilted Arugula put on top or in middle of cheese & close sandwich. If you want Arugula crisp, keep sandwich open & add at end. Keep an eye on even browning of bread & melting of cheese. Flip closed sandwich after a few moments. When bread is browned to your liking and cheese nice & melty, remove and plate and cut in 1/2. Add a spoonful of Yucatan Organic Guacamole & spread over top of sandwich. If you prefer, you may put Guacamole on side and dip sandwich in it.

I usually add a handful of washed Anthony’s Organic Grapes & Bunny Luv carrots for my daughter’s plate & Organic Girl’s Mixed Greens in a bowl with Bulk Sierra Farms Organic Dried Cranberries, Goats Milk Cheese chunks and dressing of choice for me. Water to drink and a healthy quick meal is on the table and in the tummy before temper tantrums can start!