Denice’s Top 5 Grocery Picks


Denice, M. Grocery Assistant Manager

Denice, M.
Grocery Assistant Manager

1. Virginia’s 1st Tea Farm Laundry Soap-Lightly scented with green tea and tea tree extract, this is a perfect spring clean scent! The tea tree oil helps remove odors permanently and naturally.


2. The Ginger People Ginger Juice-Great as a base for salad dressing, this juice packs a punch! I also like to use it in tea as an added spice and digestive boost.


3. Prince of Peace Ginger Crystals-This instant tea is a spicy combo of honey and ginger. You can serve it hot or cold which makes it a year round treat! I also like to pack a few when I travel to help with an upset stomach or chill.


4. Farmstead Ferments Fire Cider Sauerkraut-This kraut rocks my socks. It’s just spicy enough to brighten up any dish or simply snack it out of the jar. Made with love, this kraut takes me back to my Eastern European roots!


5. The Fish People Razor Clam and Bacon Chowder- Simple and delicious, packed in a BPA-Free boil bag, consciously farmed seafood, an all around winner. Their products are made with real food, not fillers. It’s like having a homemade single serving and it’s perfect for lunch or a camping feast.