Defining Food Quality at Rebecca’s

As a lover of good food and a nutritionist, it is exciting to see increasing numbers of people are awakening to the connection between their health and the food they eat. Once this Pandora’s box is opened, however, the amount of knowledge a person must acquire to make the best food choices–the many labels to read, ingredients to become familiar with, and certification terms to understand–is enough to make anyone completely overwhelmed. One of the strengths of Rebecca’s Grocery Department is that we have hand-selected the foods we sell, and are able to cut out a lot of the leg-work for our customers. We stand by the products we carry, but are continuously keeping up with product evolution so that we can maintain the highest standards of food quality. We love when customers come in with questions that compel us to discover further. However, we know that not everyone has the time to ask questions when they shop for groceries. This brings me to a wonderful online PBS film series, called the “Lexicon of Sustainability”, that uses short films to define food terms commonly heard in relation to natural food, but which are often confusing to define.

The following are my top three videos that speak specifically to the great foods we carry.


Caitlin Howell
Assistant Manager, Grocery Department

The Story of An Egg

Defining the difference between cage-free, free-range,
and pastured. (Rebecca’s carries pastured eggs!)

Grass Fed

What does “grass-fed” really mean and why is this meat the best to eat?

Local vs. Organic

What is important to know about your options?