Brandon’s Top 6 Grocery Picks

Brandon Store Co-Manager/HBA & Supplement Buyer

Store Co-Manager/HBA & Supplement Buyer


Working at Rebecca’s for 18 1/2 years has given me the opportunity to explore many different interesting, healthy & tasty foods through the years. I have also tried natural household items galore. I could write a book on all the products I love, but decided to pinpoint the products that I continue to love year after year or have recently become devoted to:

1. Innisfree Free Range Eggs: Not only are these eggs delicious with rich, orange yolks, but they are the most affordable Free Range, Non-GMO feed eggs that we carry. The purchase also supports Innisfree Village, a voluntary community for adults with intellectual disabilities in Crozet.

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2. Guittard Milk Chocolate, Semi-Sweet or Extra Dark Chocolate Chips. I fell in love with this chocolate company over 20 years ago and still think they make the best chocolate chips I’ve ever eaten. They are made in small batches from the highest-quality cocoa beans in a centuries-old French artisan tradition. A handful provides the perfect sized daily chocolate treat or makes great baked goods.




3. Tierra Farm Triple C Organic Trail Mix with cashews, cranberries and chocolate. I love all of our bulk nuts–they all taste fresh & delicious–but I’ve been partial for at least a decade to this trail mix as an energizing snack while traveling.




4. Yucatan Organic Guacamole. This has been my favorite prepared guacamole for years–it just tastes better to me than all of the others. Currently, I use Muso Organic Green Pea Chips to scoop the creamy, yummy guacamole. I also use these chips to eat our Black Bean or Lima Bean hummus.






5. Runa Mint Guayusa Tea. I LOVE this tea–it gently energizes me and really clears my brain for better focus. It’s great hot or cold. Please read my Mint blog where I mention this and other beloved mint products.


6. Grab Green 3 in 1 Lavender Vanilla Laundry Detergent Pods. As the mom of an active 5 year old daughter and 2 dogs who love to dig, my Saturdays involve an average 5 loads of laundry. These lavender vanilla laundry pods clean well (I do treat extra dirty spots with OxyClean) and leave a lovely gently lingering natural lavender vanilla smell on my sheets, towels, clothes and dog bed covers!