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    We pride ourselves on selecting the highest quality organic, local & gluten free products!

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    At Rebecca’s Natural Food, Nutrition Information Specialist Susan Dunlap follows some simple guidelines when selecting items that stock our supplement shelves.

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    Health & Beauty

    At Rebecca’s, our health and beauty products are carefully sourced to provide the best of what’s available.

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    Our Philosophy

    Rebecca’s Natural Food offers education and support in addition to healthy dietary supplements, health and beauty products, and a broad variety of natural foods.

Shelbi’s Top 5 Grocery Picks

  ShelbiGrocery Floor Supervisor     1. Dry Soda-It's only four ingredients, and each flavor has only 10-20 grams of cane sugar. We have lavender, juniper, and vanilla... READ MORE

Brandon’s Top 6 Grocery Picks

BrandonStore Co-Manager/HBA & Supplement Buyer   Working at Rebecca's for 18 1/2 years has given me the opportunity to explore many different interesting, healthy & tasty foods... READ MORE

Fox Den Jewelry

  SuzetteCustomer Service   My name is Suzette Thoms, and I am the owner of Fox Den Jewelry. I take great pride in my jewelry, making them out of semi-precious stones and glass. I... READ MORE

Safer Sunscreens

  Each year around this time the Environmental Working Group (EWG) releases a guide to sunscreen safety. This handy guide rates the toxicity level of sunscreens using a scale from 1-10, with... READ MORE

Kai & Vivi’s Pet Wellness Picks

Hi there, We are Brandon's (Store Co-Manager & Supplement/HBA Buyer), puppies Kai Hugalicious & Viviane Skye, and wanted to share our favorite products from Rebecca's. Kai's... READ MORE

Brandon’s Top Supplement Picks

    BrandonStore Co-Manager/HBA & Supplement Buyer   As the Supplement Department Buyer for over 18 years, I've tried hundreds of different supplements. I do try... READ MORE